(h) Gerard Ferris (1910-    ) married  Margaret Lorraine Beere (1916-    )

                                                                      (i) D   R   Ferris (1935-    ) married  Unknown Zwartjes (    -    )

                                                                      (i) A   M   Ferris (1941-    ) married  (1) J   L   Kelly (    -    )

                                                                                                                                        (2) D   J   Russell (    -    )

                                                                                                                                        (3) G   Rosenburg (    -    )

                                                                      (i) C   E   Ferris (1942-    ) married  Unknown Bilbrough (    -    )

                                                                      (i) M   B  Ferris (1949-    ) married  K   H   Lun (1947-    )


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Thea Ferris (nee Thorgorgenson) & (Granddaughter) Pamela Ferris




                          (d) William Ferris (    -    ) married  Elizabeth Scott (    -    )

                                  (e) Andrew Alexander Ferris (abt 1848-1908) IRE-NZ married abt 1877  Jane Leonora Simpson (abt 1855-1926) IRE-NZ

                                           (f) Alfred Ferris (abt 1878-1960) married 1920  Jane Payne (1885-    )

                                           (f) Margaret Ferris (abt 1881-1902)

                                           (f) William John Ferris (1883-1938) twin married 1906  Eva Adamson (1884-    )

                                                    (g) Rona May Irene Ferris (1912-2000) married Bryant Goldsbury (1916-2005)

                                                              Bryant is the son of Elwyn Goldsbury and Lucy Bella Bryant

                                                    (g) Alexander Ferris (1907-1979) never married

                                           (f) Josephine Ferris (1883-abt 1949) twin married abt 1904 Murray Wishart (    -    )

                                           (f) Bessie Ferris (abt1885-abt1938) married abt 1906 Jack Harper (    -    )

                                           (f) Eva Ferris (abt 1887-1931)

                                           (f) Minnie Ferris (abt 1884-1893)

                                           (f) George Augustus Ferris (abt 1882-abt 1960 ) married abt 1900  Thea Henrietta Thorbjorenson (    -    ) #

                                                            Thea's surname is also listed as Sutherland and Johnston ... Thea is in photograph above

                                                    (g) Alexander Martinus (Alec) Ferris (1901-1980)

                                                    (g) George Reginald (Reg) Ferris (1903-1961)

                                                    (g) Roy William Alfred Ferris (1907-1965)

                                                    (g) Myra Amelia Jane Ferris (1910-1948) partner            (1) Unknown (    -    )

                                                                                                                                  married 1840 (2) Alexander Herbert Winter (1902-1970) My Grandfather

                                                             (Children from Myra and Unknown's relationship)

                                                            (h) Pamela Ferris (    -    ) in photograph above

                                                             (Children from Myra and Alexander's marriage)

                                                            (h) Myra and Alexander's children under Combined Winter Trees

                                       (g) Kenneth Russell Ferris (1914-1953)

                                    (f) Ernest Alfred Ferris (abt 1893-1904) 



(e) Andrew Alexander Ferris (abt 1848-1908) sailed to New Zealand on the 'Waikato'. This ship departed from Plymouth, England on the 5th May 1877 and arrived in Lyttleton on the 8th August 1877. Andrew was listed as Alexander Ferris aged 25 with his wife Jane who was aged 21. Andrew's occupation was listed as being a 'Farm Labourer' from Donagal (Donegal), Ireland. Andrew was born about 1848 in Londonderry, Ireland. He married Jane Leonra Simpson just before he emigrated in1877. Jane was born abt 1855 in Londonderry or Coloraine, Ireland. Andrew died on the 6th April 1908 and Jane died on the 1st January 1926 and both are interred in the Karori Cemetery, Wellington. All of Andrew and Jane's children were born in New Zealand.

(f) George Augustus Ferris (abt 1882-abt1960) married to Thea Henrietta. Her surname has been listed as Sutherland and Johnston. She was apparently a Johnston in 1900 at the time she married George but on the death Certificate of his daughter, Myra her mothers maiden name was said to be Thorbjorgensen.

(g) Myra Amelia Jane Ferris(1910-1948) married Alexander Herbert Winter. This was Alex's second marriage. A witness for the marriage was A.M Ferris a Wellington Labourer. This was Alexander Martinus Ferris who was Myra's oldest brother. Myra's address was given as Wallaceville. Alex and Myra married at St David's Church in Upper Hutt, New Zealand.

NOTE:  It was once thought that Pamela Ferris from the television series 'Darling Buds of May' was Myra's daughter from a previous relationship but Pamela (actress) was born in Germany in 1948 to Welsh parents Fred Ferris and Ann Perkins. Fred was serving in the Royal Air Force. The actress Pamela Ferris came to New Zealand in about 1962 at aged 13 and stayed a short while before going to the UK to persue an acting career. 'Our' Myra did however have a child before she married Alexander Winter and the child was named Pamela and can be seen in a photograph (at the top of this page) with her grandmother Thea.

HELP: Can anyone tell me if & if so how Carol Olive Ferris b.1946 Wellington, NZ married to Graeme Keith Palliser b.1949 is linked to either of these Ferris Trees?


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