(g) Charles Sage (    -1884) married  (1) Sarah Ann Parker (1837-1870) UK - NZ

                                                                                                                 (2) Augusina Gillen (    -1903)

                                                     (Children from Charles and Sarah's marriage)

                                                     (h) Elizabeth Ann Sage (1860-1929) married  Alfred Daysh (1854-1940)

                                                             (i) Elizabeth and Alfred's children under Combined Daysh Trees

                                                     (h) Louisa Sage (1868-    ) never married

                                                             (i) Arthur Joseph Sage (    -    )

                                                     (h) Alfred Sage (1858-    )

                                                     (h) Agnes Sage (1869-    )

                                                     (h) John Sage (1862-1939) married  Charlotte Matilda Goodin (1871-    )

                                                             (i) Hector Owen Sage (1901-    )

                                                             (i) Hazel Jean Sage (1915-    )

                                                     (h) Mary Sage (1866-1946) married  (1) Robert Jervis Welby (    -1900)

                                                                                                             (2) Unknown Mclean (    -    )

                                                              (i) Mary and Robert's children under Combined Welby Trees

                                                      (f) Jessie Sage (1864-1942) married 1889  Albert Benjamin Card (    -   )


           (g) Charles Sage (    -1884)  left England for Canada with hs brothers around 1848. Around 1850 Charles left Canada for New zealand and landed at Wellington. Charles became a bootmaker but took up farming, owning a 400 acre farm. Charles became good friends of the Parker family and this is how he came to know Sarah Ann Parker. Charles was about 15-20 years older than Sarah. Sarah Ann Parker was born on the 19th February 1837 in Dolton, Devon, England to parents John Parker and Joahanna Langdon. Sarah went to Wellington in 1857 to register the birth of her niece Elizabeth Parker (daughter of Richard Parker and Elizabeth Neno) and married Charles Sage at this time. Charles and Sarah's chiildren were born at Taita, Wellington and Taratahi, Carterton.




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