(d) James Patrick Neale (    -    ) married  Mary Grubb (    -    )

                                (e) Charlotte Neale (1831-    ) married  Thomas Gardner (1832-    )

                                (e) Mary Ann Neale (1829-    )

                                (e) Sarah Neale (1825-1893) married 1852  John Winter (1827-1899) UK-NZ  (2x Gt Grandparnets)

                                        (f) Sarah and John's children under Combined Winter Trees


(e) Sarah Neale (1925-1893) was born in Brentford, Surrey England. Sarah married John Winter on the 4th May 1852 in St Giles Church, Isleworth, Middlesex, England. Joan and Sarah emigrated to New Zealand on the 'Conflict'.

(e) Charlotte Neale (1831-    ) married Thomas Gardner. Thomas was born in Abington, Berkshire and Charlotte was born in Brentford, Surrey. Thomas and Charlotte  raised a large family. All the children appear to have been born in Puney, Surrey. Children that I have so far found, for Thomas and Charlotte, are James, Mercy, Ruth, Rachel, Frederick T and Alfred H. Thomas had a brother, George J Gardner, staying with them at 14 South Place, Putney, Surrey during the time of the 1871 Census. Both Thomas and george Gardner were boot and shoe makers. George was also born in Abington.



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