(e) William Johnson Bowles (1833-1915) UK-NZ  married  Mary Anne Anderson (1835-    )

                                          (f) Clara Bowles (1862-1929) UK-NZ married  Alfred Ernest Wilton (1861-1934)

                                                 (g) Clara and Alred's children under Combined Wilton Trees

                                          (f) James William Bowles (1852-1927) UK-NZ

                                          (f) Charles Bowles (1853-    ) married  Edith Evaline (Evelyn) Udy (1867/8-1907)

                                          (f) Ellen Louisa Bowles (1857-    ) UK-NZ

                                          (f) George Edwin Bowles (1859-1931) UK-NZ married  Louisa Agnes Wilton (1877-1963)

                                          (f) Charlotte Ann Bowles (1861-    )

                                          (f) Mary Elizabeth Bowles (1855-    ) UK-NZ married  Edward William Wilton (1845-1933)

                                                  (g) Mary and Edward's children under Combined Wilton Trees  .


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