(e) John RutherfOrd (1835-1916)  married 1878  Sarah (Josephine) Payton Wakelin ? (1857-1939)

                                                (f) Violet Constance Lydia RutherfOrd (1879-1968) married  William Alfred Oliver (1867-1914)

                                                         (g) Violet and William's children under Combined Oliver Tree One

                                                (f) Thomas Wyville Leonard Rutherford (abt.1891-1918) died Iran

                                                (f) Herbert Spencer Rutherford (abt.1880-1917) died in France

                                                (f) Mabel Rutherford (abt.1885-1885) died aged 3 months

                                                (f) Florence Rutherford (abt.1883-1887) died aged 4 years


      (e) John Rutherford (    -    ) was reported as being a very caring man. He also lost two son's during the First World War. Thomas Wyville Leonard in 1918 and Herbert Spencer in 1917.  Apart from the engravings on his headstone in the memory of his two sons there is also one for his two little daughters which reads: 'Also his two little daughters Mabel aged 3 months died 1885. Florence aged 4 years died 1887. Thy will be done'. John's grave backs onto his other daughter, Violet  and her husband William Alfred Oliver's graves.

      (f) Thomas Wyville Leonard Rutherford (abt1891-1918) appears to have been known as Wyville. The Military Record for his death states he was born in Masterton, New Zealand. He died in Iran-Tehran  on 19th October 1918 in Mesopotamia. His Gravestone in St Stephens Church, Tamahere, Hamilton, NZ reads: Captain Wyville Rutherford MC, youngest son of John Rutherford died in Mesopotamia 19 Oct 1918 aged 27. How long we live, not years, but actions tell. It is possible that Thomas was a victim of the 1918 Influenza Epidemic. Thomas died on the 19th October 1918 in Iran-Tehran having obtained the rank of Captain. He was a Mining Engineer.

      (f) Herbert Spencer Rutherford (abt 1880-1917) died on the 1st August 1917 in La Basseville,France. He was buried in 1917. Engraved on his father's headstone at St Stephens Church, Tamahere, Hamilton, NZ is the following: 'Also his eldest son Corp. H Spencer Rutherford who was killed in action in France 1st August 1917 - aged 37. His duty nobly done'. Herbert's name can be found on the Wanganui Collegiate School register 1854-1947. He is recorded as Student Number 713 and attended for the years 1891-95.



Alexander Rutherford - attended 1918-22, Cuthbert Oliver Rutherford - attended 1891-93, Francis Trevor Rutherford  - attended 1923-26, Leslie Askin Rutherford - attended 1893, Bruce Wyville Rutherfurd- attended 1930-33, Edward Ravenswood Leatham Rutherfurd - attended 1882-84, Elliot Stanley Rutherfurd - attended 1902-06, Frederick Anthonuy Rutherfurd - attended 1935-38, Henry Duncan Rutherfurd - attended 1917-19, John Spencer Rutherfurd - attended 1933-35 and Robert Alexander attended -1905-07. Robert Alexander fought in WW1 in the Rifle Brigade in France.


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