Giles Frethey (1662-    ) married Unknown (    -    )

     (a) Thomas Frethey (abt 1703-    ) married 1729  Blanche Nankivell (    -    )

            (b) Thomas Frethey (1745-1803) married 1771(1)  Mary Alee (    -    )

                                                                           married            (2) Anne Hawke (1786-    )

                    (Children from Thomas and Mary's marriage)

                    (c) Thomas Frethey (1778-    ) married 1807  Mary Rundle (    -    )

                            (d) Thomas Frethey (1808-1893) UK-NZ married 1847 Catherine Wilkie (1828-1894

                                    (e) Jane (Jeannie) Frethey (1848-    )

                                    (e) Mary Ann Frethey (1850-    )

                                    (e) George Frethey (1852-    )

                                    (e) Thomas (Tom) Frethey (1855-    )

                                    (e) Elizabeth (Bessie) Frethey (1856-1899) married 1885 Charles Trevethick (1854-1928) UK-NZ

                                          Charles Trevethick also married Louisa Trivitt in 1875 UK & Elizabeth's sister Eliza Frethey *** below in NZ 

                                    (e) Eliza Frethey (1858-    ) *** married 1900 Charles Trevethick (1854-1928) UK-NZ

                                    (e) Emily Frethey (1861-    )

                                    (e) Alice Jane Frethey (1863-    )

                                    (e) John Henry (Jack) Frethey (1866-    ) married  Ellen Maud Hollard (1870-1932)

                                    (e) Frederick William Frethey (1868-    ) 

                            (d) John Frethey (1811-1875) married 1838  Elizabeth (Betsy) Heayns (    -    )

                                     (e) William Henry Frethey (1841-1889) UK-NZ married 1870 (1) Eleanor (Ellen or Helena) Isaac (1852-    ) UK-NZ

                                                                                                                             married 1887 (2) Florence Jane Ransom (1854-1942)                                        

                                              (Children from William and Eleanor's marriage)                                         

                                              (f) Edmund Isaac Frethey (1871-    )

                                              (f) William Henry Frethey (1872-1923) married 1899  Lucy (Emily) Hollard (1875-1961)

                                                       (g) Muriel Florence Frethey (1900-    )

                                                       (g) Eunice May Frethey (1904-    )

                                                       (g) Bertram Hollard Frethey (1905-    )

                                                       (g) Walter John (Jack) Frethey (1908-     )

                                              (f) Eleanor Elizabeth (Lizzie) Frethey (1874-1971) married 1899 (1) Frederick James Augustus Boyd (1874-    )

                                                                                                                                             married 1908 (2) Victor Reeves Packham (    -1915)

                                              (f) Albert John Frethey (1875-1918) married 1900 Elsie Christie (    -    )

                                                       (g) Albert Roy Frethey (1902-    ) OBE

                                              (f) Phoebe Rebecca Frethey (1878-    )

                                              (f) Edwin Arthur Frethey (1880-    )

                                              (f) James Rundle Frethey (1882-    )

                                              (f) George Freeman Frethey (1884-    )

                                              (f) Walter Knight Frethey (1885-    )

                                        (e) Thomas Frethey (1843-1924) married 1869  Ann (Annie) Hollard (1850-1896) 

                               (d) Jane Frethey (1816-    )      



         (d) Thomas Frethey (1808-1893) was born in St Veep (possibly) on the 12th January 1808 to parents Thomas Frethey and Mary Rundle. (HELP ... can anyone connect her to the Rundle Trees). Thomas's early years were spent whaling off the shores of New Foundland. On the 3rd May 1840, Thomas arrived in New Zealand on the 'Justine'. He took up farming in the Waiwhetu area of Lower Hutt. They named teir house 'Restormel' and was later occupied by their son inlaw Charles Trevethick. The book by George Kaye, Bygone Days in Lower Hutt, records Thomas farming approxiamtely four acres of land that was known as 'Frethey Island'. This by by enlarge a swampy area that was drained due to the land rising after the 1855 earthquake. The area was later known as Hutt Park. On the 21st May 1847 Thomas married Catherine Wilkie who was born on the 2nd May 1828 in Perth, Tayside, Scotland. Catharine was the daughter of George Wilkie and Ann Taylor.

         (e)William Frethey (1841-1889)was born on 28th November 1841 in Lerryn, Cornwall, England.William was a 'Cooper' by trade. He arrived in New Zealand on the 'Wild Duck' which departed London on 8th December 1866. William died in Mulgrave Street, Wellington, New Zealand and was buried in the Bolton Street Cemetery in Wellington, New Zealand (plot No.104/105 G. Grid No.8 08). William first married Eleanor on 9th May 1870 in the residence of William Isaac in Molesworth Street, Wellington. William and Florence married on 11th April 1887 in the residence of John Ransom (HELP ... can anyone connect him to the Ransom Tree) of Lower Hutt, New Zealand.

          (e) John Henry (Jack) Frethey (1866-    ) married Ellen Maud Holland. Ellen was born to parents George Hollard and Jane Fanny Keys. The Hollards and Frethey families played an important part in the settling of Kaponga. George and Jane's other daughter's married into other prominent Kaponga familes. Lucy Emily Hollard (1875-1961) married in 1899 to          (f) William Henry Frethey (1872-1923). Elizabeth Jane Hollard (1864-1942) married Walter John Wilkie (1861-    ) and Hilda Mary Hollard (1882-1963) married first to Unknown Habgood and married 1908 to Charles Edward Betts (1868-1947... both families can be found featured in Kaponga's history. Charles Edward Betts arrived in New Zealand on the 'Rakaia' in 1874. He started a seed business in Kaponga and later owned a garage in Kaponga. Walter John Wilkie's brother Frederick William Wilkie (1865-1958) left home at the age of 16 to go shearing. From humble beginnings he went on to become President of the Kaponga Settlers Association in 1899, Chairman of the Kaponga Dairy Co-Operative from 1898-99, a member of the Waimate Council from 1896-1904 and a Kaponga Resident elected to the the Hawera Council in 1897-1900. John Henry (Jack) Frethey was born in Lower Hutt and educated in Lower Hutt. He moved to Kaponga in 1886 when his father Thomas, bought land in the district. In 1908 he sold his farm and moved to New Plymouth where he established a private garden at Frankleigh Park. John had been elected as Chaiman of the Kaponga School from 1906-1908.

          (f) Eleanor Elizabeth (Lizzie) Frethey (1874-1971) was born on the 3rd February 1874 in the Hutt Valley near Wellington, New Zealand. Lizzie married twice. She married her first husband, Frederick James Augustus Boyd in 1899 in Wellington, New Zealand. In 1909 Lizzie married a second time to Victor Reeves Packham. Lizzie traveled to Argentina in 1909 with Victor. He was contracted to the British Railway company and was working, at this time, in Argentina. He returned to New Zealand in 1914 and  became ill dying in May 1915. Lizzie went to South America with her daughter, Nellie (from her first marriage), to work among women and girls in Buenos Aires. Lizzie was later to travel to Uruquay in 1924. Lizzie died on the 11th February 1971 in the Woburn Hosptital, Lower Hutt at the age of 97. She was buried at Makara.



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