(b) Joseph Cornford (    -    ) married  Sarah Russell (1765-    )

                (c) Joseph Cornford (1791-1874) UK-NZ married 1818  Mary Sawyer (1796-    ) UK-NZ

                        (d) William Cornford (1828-    ) UK-NZ married 1854  Fanny Shotter (1834-1934)

                                (e) Elizabeth Annie Cornford (1854-1941) married  John Ernest Eagle (1848-1932) UK-NZ

                                          (f) Elizabeth and John's children under Combined Eagle Trees  .

                        (d) Mary Ann Cornford (1819-    )

                        (d) Caroline Cornford (1821-1896) UK-NZ married 1841  Henry Bentley (1819-1902)

                        (d) Elizabeth Cornford (1824-    ) was on 'Lord William Bentinck' passenger list recorded as not going

                        (d) Thomas Cornford (1826-    ) UK-NZ



          William Cornford (1828-    )  was said to be a Hedge Carpenter and a Gardner. There is mention of him in the book 'Homewood and It's Families'. The family immigrated to NZ on the 'Lord William Bentinck' on 8th Jan 1841 arriving in Wellington on 19th May 1841. His sister Elizabeth (a seamstress) was listed but then marked as 'not going'.

          Caroline Cornford (1821-1896) was a nineteen year old passenger on the 'Lord William Bentinck'. Henry Bentley (1819-1902) trained as a seaman and became a crew member on the same ship bringing settlers, including Caroline, to Port Nicholson. Henry jumped ship in New Zealand along with five of his ship mates. Henry and Caroline married in 1841 shortly after arriving in New Zealand and it is presumed they meet and struck up a lasting friendship on the voyage.



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