(d) James Fox (1810-    ) married abt 1830 Priscilla Percy (1813-    ) 

                            (e) James William Fox (1836-1884) UK-NZ married 1859  Helen (Ellen) Burns Tannahill (1841-1914)

                                   (f) Elizabeth Priscilla Fox (abt 1859-    )

                                   (f) James William Fox (1861-1916) married 1894  Hannah Jane Cottle (1865-    )

                                          (g) James Charles Fox (1895-    )

                                          (g) Charles Joseph Fox (1897-    )

                                          (g) Alfred Fox (1898-    )

                                          (g) Mary Ellen Fox (1900-    )

                                          (g) Leslie George Fox (1902-    )

                                          (g) Elsie Evelyn Levina Fox (1903-    )

                                          (g) Unknown Fox (    -    )

                                          (g) Ida Annie Rubina Fox (1911-    )

                                    (f) George Alexander Fox (abt 1862-    )

                                    (f) Janet Ann Fox (abt 1864-    )

                                    (f) Julia Margaret Fox (abt 1866-    )

                                    (f) Mary Ann Fox (abt 1870-    )

                                    (f) Emily Agnes Fox (abt 1873-    )

                                    (f) Charles Fox (abt 1876-    )

                                    (f) John Fox (abt 1877-    )

                                    (f) Matilda Fox (abt 1878-    ) married 1910  Robert Louis Robinson (1871-    )

                            (e) Mary Ann Fox (1832-    )

                            (e) John Fox (1837-bef.1841?)

                            (e) John Fox (1841-    )

                            (e) George Fox (1845-    )

                            (e) Charles Fox (1849-    )



      (e) James William Fox (1861-1884) was a 21 years old when he camt to New Zealand on the 'Oliver Lang'. It sailed from Liverpool on 24th september 1856 and arrived in Wellington on 19th December 1856. He was born in Claphamto parents James Fox and Priscilla Percy. Priscilla was born on the 17th October 1813 in Hucknall, Torkland, Nottinghamshire, England. James (Snr) and Priscilla's six know children were all born in Clapham. James (Jnr) married Helen Burns Tannahill on the 11th (or 25th) March 1859 in Petone, Wellington. Helen was the daughter of William Tannahill (1819 of Scotland) and Elizabeth Dugald (b.1820 and arrived in New Zealand in 1839 on the Bengal Merchant as a 19 year old servant) .James and Helen resided in a house that was close to the Taita Anglican Church. They run a Dairy Farm that supplied milk to the Hutt Town. He was known to have been a Bricklayer also. At the age of 19 he enlisted in the Land Transport Corps of the Imperial Army to fight in the Crimean War and was discharged at Bowden after 363 days of service on the 9th August 1856. He was known to have recieved an land grant under the 'Waste Land Act 1858' for 60 acres of land in January 1866. 


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