(c) HELP... parents and siblings sought

                            (d) William Abbott (abt 1796-1877) Convict from UK-AUST-NZ  married 1845  Sophia Murray(widow Vile) (nee Follett) (    -1889)

                                       Sophia's first husband William Vile died at sea 1841. Her second husband was Anthona Murray in 1842.

                             Sophia married a fourth time after William's death in 1881 to Joseph Hodder.

                                      (e) William Abbott (1848-1924) married 1873  Emma Matilda Hodder (1853-1929)

                                                (f) Katherine Amelia Abbott (1873-    ) married  James Miller (    -    )

                                                (f) William Walter Abbott (1874-    ) married 1903  Frances Jane Spicer (1880-1972)

                                                         (g) Horace Hugo Dudley Abbott (1904-1976)

                                                (f) Augustus Oswald Abbott (1876-    )

                                                (f) Edwin Wilmore Abbott (1878-    )

                                                (f) Roland Longworth Abbott (1879-    )

                                                (f) Ella Abbott (1881-1949) married 1905  John Standen (1857-1941)

                                                (f) Kenneth Alexander Abbott (1883-    )

                                                (f) Archibald Clarence Abbott (1885-    ) married  Ena Josephine Unknown (    -    )

                                                (f) Fidelia Grace Louise Abbott (1887-    ) married  Percy Hodder (1883-1962)

                                                         (g) Fidelia and Percy's children underCombined Hodder Trees

                                                (f) Rhoda Lillian Abbott (1889-    ) married  James Samuel Martin (    -    )

                                                (f) Hugh Cranley Abbott (1891-    ) married  Myrtle Olive Kilminster (1895-1968)

                                                (f) Myra Abbott (1893-    ) married  Michael Martin (    -    )

                                                (f) Clifford Abbott (1895-    ) married  Agnes Ainsworth Todd (    -    )

                                                          (g) Douglas Abbott (    -    )

                                                (f)Eileen Emma Abbott (1898-1924)

                                      (e) Mary Jane Abbott (1846-1918)  married 1870  (1)  Frederick Lambert (    -1871)

                                                                                                         married 1876  (2) Samuel Wilfred Lucas (1849-    )

                                                (f) Mary and Samuel's children under Combined Lucas Trees  .

                                      (e) Emma Abbott (1851-1875) married 1874  Malcolm Burnett (    -    )


          William Abbott was born c. 1785 as he was said to be aged 23 in court records for the Derbyshire Quarter Sessions dated 19th October 1819. William was sentenced to six months prison and seven years transportation to NSW, Australia. He was discribed as being from 'Stanton-by-Dale' but his native place was given as 'Staunton'. William Abbott was transported on the  convict ship the 'Neptune' on 28th July 1820 and the passengers were forwarded to Paramata for distribution. William  was listed as employed by Hannibal MacArthur on 9th December 1824 but I am do not know if this is the same 'William Abbott' born c.1785. William  was granted a Certificate of Freedom dated 18th October 1826 in NSW seven years to the day after his conviction. Australia and he then disappears from records. He appears in NZ in about 1843 and married Sophia Viles (nee Follet) in 1845. Sophia was a widow. Her husband, William Vile, had died on the voyage to New Zealand on the 'Arab' in 1841.

          William Abbott's occupation was that of a Butcher in Thornton Flat in New Zealand in 1849  and a publican in 1856 of Kaiwharawhara. but nothing is known of his life prior to being deported. William died in 1877 and his birthplace is given as Notts and his obituary states that he had been in 'New Zealand waters ' since the 1820's. It can be presumed William arrived in NZ between 1826-1829 from the time he became a free man and the comment on his obituary ....since the 1820's.

        Emma Abbott (1851-1875) married Malcolm Burnett in 1874 but tragically she died during an Epileptic fit the following year. Emma and Malcolm had no children from their short marriage.






John (Jack) & Louisa (nee Lucas) Abbott with (daughter in-law) Constance Abbott (nee Bishop)





                                    (e) William Abbott (abt 1818-1890) UK-IRE-UK-NZ married  Grace Isaac (1820-1876) UK-IRE-UK-NZ

                                             (f) William Abbott (1844-1928) IRE-UK-NZ  married 1880  Esther Stevens (1862-1948)

                                                      (g) William George Abbott (1881-    )

                                                      (g) Dora Abbott (1884-1914)

                                                      (g) Edith Abbott (1887-1965) married  Clarence Buckingham (    -    )

                                                      (g) Robert John Abbott (1890-1966) married Elsie Beatrice Roband (abt 1894-    )  HELP

                                                      (g) Mable Louise Abbott (1896-1973) married  George Thomas Baker (1902-1971)

                                                      (g) Madge Constance Abbott (1900-1980) married 1922  William Henry Baker (1898-1969)

                                             (f) Henry Abbott  (abt 1846-    ) IRE-UK

                                             (f) John (Jack) Abbott (1848-    ) UK-NZ married  Louisa Emily Lucas (1856-    )

                                                      (g) William Henry (Harry) Abbott (1885-    ) married (1) Constance Dorothy Bishop (    -    )

                                                                                                                                         married (2) Alethea Whittaker (    -    )

                                                                (Children from William and Constance's marriage)

                                                                (h) Sydney Abbott (    -    )

                                                                (h) Trevas Ross Abbott (    -    )

                                                                (h) Rae Abbott (    -    )

                                                                (h) Rhonda Abbott (    -    ) not confirmed

                                                       (g) Grace Abbott (1887-    )

                                                       (g) Ivy Annie Abbott (1892-    )

                                                       (g) Edith Abbott (1898-    )

                                             (f) Edward Abbott (abt 1850)



          William Abbott (abt 1818-1890) married Grace Isaac in Plymouth, Devon, England. Grace was the daughter of William Isaac and Grace Unknown. It appears, for reasons yet unknown, that William and Grace travel from UK to Ireland and returned to UK before they emigrated to New Zealand. Sons, William (1844) and Henry (1846) were born in Ireland whilst sons John (1848) and Edward (abt 1850) were born in Plymouth, UK.  

          William Abbott (1844-1928) was born in Castlebar, Mayo, Ireland to parents William Abbott and Grace Isaac. William married Esther Stevens on 11th August 1880 in Greytown, New Zealand. Esther was the daughter of Benjamin Stevens and Maria Greathead.

          Sisters, Mable (1896) and Madge (1900) Abbott married brothers William Henry and George Thomas Baker, sons of Aaron Baker and Betsy Dalton.




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