(d) Joseph Masters (1802-1873) married           (1) Sarah Bourton (1807-1859) UK-Hobart-NZ

                                                                                        married 1859 (2)  Sarah Bowler(    -    ) a widow at the time of her marriage to Joseph

                                      (Children from Joseph and Sarah Bourton's marriage)

                                      (e) Sarah Bourton Masters (1828-1870) UK-Hobart-NZ married 1847  (1) Richard Iorns (1808-1855) UK-NZ

                                                                                                                                           married 1857    (2) Henry Bannister (1814-1879) UK-NZ

                                               (f) Sarah and Richards children under Combined Iorns Trees

                                               (f) Sarah and Henry's children under Combined Bannister Trees 

                                      (e) Mary Anne Masters (1833-1895) UK-Hobart-NZ married 1851  Bennet Pascoe Perry (1822-    )



          (d) Joseph Masters (1802-1873) was born in Derby, Derbyshire, England (Information obtained from Sutherland, G.H "Masters, Joseph 1802-1873'. Dictionary of New Zealand Biography, updated 7th April 2006). Joseph worked in a silk mill from a very young age. For a short time he was cared for by his grandmother in Witton but she was unable to afford to keep him and he was forced to find accomodation in Stables and washed horses for 6d to earn his keep. Joseph moved to Rugby to live with his Uncle who was a cooper. Joseph served his apprentiship as a cooper. Following this he served six years in the Grenadier Guards. Joseph then became a Bow Street Officer and a gaoler. On the 15th January 1826 he married Sarah Bourton at Lambeth. Six years later in 1832 Joseph and Sarah emigrated to Tasmania, Hobart where he worked for a time as a cooper for a whaling company. In 1841 Joseph and sarah left Tasmania via Sydney and settled in Wellington, New Zealand. By 1842 Joseph had become a Ginger Beer Manufacturer at Te Aro and then became a cooper at Lambton Quay. It was around this time that he became interested in helping the working class man being able to purchase large blocks of 30-40 acres of land. Joseph became a committe member for the 'Small Farm Association' and eventually traveled to the Wairarapa district with H. H. Jackson to persuade the Maori to sell the land. Joseph was one of the key figures in planning Greytown and Masterton in 1854. Joseph's wife, Sarah died on the 12th March 1859 and the same year on the 5th December 1859 he married a widow named Sarah Bowler at Pautahanui.  Masterton was named after Joseph and when he died he was buried there  on the 21st December 1873.

      There is a very good aritcle in the Wairarapa Times-Age wriiten by Alan Henderson that gives a decsrition of Joseph Masters life and also contains a photgraph of him. See .....  http://wairarapa.co.nz/times-age/weekly/master.html  . This story also contains information about the Bannister and Allen families.


HELP: I have found a very interesting query on RootsWeb.com from Patricia Costin and hope someone can shed some light this for me - 

"Hi Listers,I hope there is someone out there that can help me. After talking with my father, I found a few things out that I want to check. Apparently Joseph Masters (think that's how it is spelt), who apparently Masterton was named after married Sarah Boller. (think Patricia may mean Sarah Bowler) I think this was her second marriage. There was a daughter before she married him. This daughter, I don't know her name, married a Muir, who was a wheelwright. They in turn had a daughter Effie Amy Muir, and we are related to her. She married 3 times, first a Pringle, Costin and a Dorn. I  am wondering if there is any one out there who could confirm this information. Thanks Trish Cambridge   

.... I can confirm that Effie Amy Muir married Frank Thomas Costin in 1907 and also John Pringle in 1904 in Masterton. John was the son of son of Alexander Pringle and Mary Speedy. John's sister, Helen Pringle  b. 1852, married Thomas Paul Allen son of George Allen and Jane Elizabeth Paul. Thomas Allen's brother William Bennett Allen married Emma Ticehurst and their daughter Jessie Marion Allen married John Thomas Hooper .... my Hooper family. I am hoping someone can now help me fill some gaps on who' Sarah Bowler' was e.g - was this  her maiden name or the surname of her first husband. Who was the daughter that married a Muir and what his name was?  Please email me with any information that might solve this puzzle for me   jowarby@bigpond.net.au   as I think I can connect many other families through the 'Bowler' family tree .... such as the Lancaster , Judd and Trotter families.


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