(b) John Bannister (    -    ) married  Patience Unknown (    -    )

                  (c) Mary Bannister (abt 1846-    )

                  (c) Joseph Bannister (1752-    ) married 1773  Sarah Litley (    -    )

                          (d) Joseph Bannister (1774-    )

                          (d) Nancy Bannister (1776-    )

                          (d) Thomas Bannister (1780-    )

                          (d) Jesse Bannister (1783-    )

                          (d) Sarah Bannister (1786-    )

                          (d) Parthenia Bannister (1790-    )

                          (d) Mary Maria Bannister (1793-    )

                          (d) William Bannister (1795-1871) UK-NZ married 1820 Mary Eades (1803-    ) UK-NZ

                                     (e) William Bannister (1821-1869)

                                     (e) John Eades Bannister (1823-1885) UK-NZ married 1848  Ruth Signal (1826-    ) UK-NZ

                                               (f) Mary Eades Bannister (1849-1857)

                                               (f) Phoebe Bannister (1853-1883) married 1882  Peter Wright Telford (1839-    )

                                               (f) Emily Helena Bannister (1845-1922) married 1877  Llewellyn Smith (1844-1919)

                                     (e) Joseph Bannister (1825-1825)

                                     (e) Unknown Bannister (1826-1826)

                                     (e) Edward Bannister (abt.1828-    ) UK-NZ 

                                     (e) Edwin Bannister (1827-1895) married 1849 Mary Tutchen (1929-    )

                                                (e) Parthenia Mary Bannister (1850-1927) married  Isaac William Lovelock (1847-1926)

                                                (e) Sarah Ann Ellen Bannister (1851-    ) married  Unknown Cooper (abt.1850-    )

                                                (e) Harriet Matilda Bannister (1853-    ) married  Thomas Walter Stace (    -    )

                                                (e) Robert Edwin Bannister (1854-    )

                                                (e) Maria Ann Bannister (1855-    ) married  Ludolph G West (    -    )

                                                (e) Charles William Bannister (1857-1941) NZ-Australia

                                                (e) Josiah Peter Bannister (1858-    )

                                                        (f) Albert Richard Bannister (    -    )

                                                                (g) Albert Thomas Bannister (    -    )

                                                                         (h) J Bannister  (    -    ) married Unknown Hill (    -    )

                                                (e) Jessie Frances Bannister (1860-    ) married  John Hepworth (    -    )

                                                (e) Henry John Bannister (1862-    )

                                                (e) Eliza Ruth Bannister (1863-    ) married 1883  William Everett (1862-    )

                                                (e) Martha Louisa Bannister (1865-1885) apparently died on her wedding day

                                                (e) James Frederick Eades Bannister (1866-    )

                                                (e) Jane Elizabeth Bannister (1869-    )

                                                (e) Emily Theresa Bannister (1871-    ) married William Rowland (    -    )

                                     (e) Robert Elijah Bannister (1829-1882) UK-NZ married 1856  Sarah Martin (1835-1915) UK-NZ

                                                 (e) James Edgar John Bannister (1871-1946) married 1918  Dorothy Blanche Hursthouse (1892-    )

                                                 (e) Mary Augusta Bannister (1857-    )

                                                 (e) Ebba Ruth Bannister (1859-    )

                                                 (e) Robert Martin Bannister (1862-    )

                                                 (e) Emma Matilda Harriet Bannister (1865-    )

                                                 (e) Dudley Athol Thornton Bannister (1873-    )

                                                 (e) Hamilton Mckellar Bannister (1867-1949) married 1896   (1) Mary Elizabeth Self (    -    )

                                                                                                                                      married 1907   (2) Nina Carol Fenton (1884-    )

                                                 (e) Harold George Bannister (1869-1936) married 1903  Minnie Hooper (    -    ) HELP

                                                          (f) Ralph Bannister (    -    )

                                                 (e) William Edwin (or Eades) Bannister (1861-1948) NZ-AUST married 1887 (1) Caroline Ellen Redwood (1863-1890)

                                                                                                                                                                     married 1912 (2) Mary Noonan (abt 1888-    )

                                                         (Children from William and Carolne's marriage)

                                                         (f) Edna Muriel Bannister (1888-1974) married 1911  Edward Humphreys Crookenden (1884-1932)

                                     (e) Matilda Louisa Bannister (1832-1837)

                                     (e) Unknown Bannister (1834-    )

                                     (e) Unknown Bannister (1835-    )  

                           (d) George Bannister (1778-    ) married Phoebe Unknown (    -    )

                                     (e) John Bannister (1809-    )

                                     (e) Elizabeth Bannister (1810-    )

                                     (e) Bethena Bannister (1811-    )

                                     (e) Mary Bannister (1813-    )

                                     (e) Ann Bannister (1816-    )

                                     (e) Henry Bannister (1814-1879) UK-NZ married           (1) Unknown (    -1842)

                                                                                                                 married 1857(2)  Sarah Bourton Masters (1828-1870) UK-NZ

                                                                                                                 married 1873 (3)Mary Tone (1831-    )

                                               (Children from Henry and Sarah's marriage)

                                               (f) Henry Bannister (1858-1936) married abt 1884  Mary Anne Welch (1863-1948)

                                               (f) John Bannister (1859-1930) married 1891  Harriet McKenzie (1869-    )

                                                        (g) John Bannister (    -    ) married  Annie McGovern (    -    )

                                                                   (h) N  H  Bannister (    -    )

                                               (f) Richard Bannister (1865-1948) married 1897  Harriet Welch (1874-    )

                                                        (g) Clarence Herbert Bannister (1900-1975)

                                                (f) George Bannister (1860-    )

                                                (f) Edwin Masters Bannister (1862-    ) married 1886  Jane Warner (1862-    )

                                                        (g) Edna Annie Masters Bannister (1895-    )

                                                (f) Charles Bannister (1863-1947) married 1895  Agnes McKenzie (1863-1947)

                                                        (g) Charles Dudley Bannister (    -    )

                                                (f) Phoebe Bannister (1867-1950) married 1898  Frank Herbert Johnstone (    -    )

                                                (f) Thomas Cave Bannister (1870-    )



      The Bannister family came to New Zealand from the 'Black Country' in the West Midlands Dudley District in Worcestershire, England.  Joseph and his sons worked for the Earl of Dudley (Lord Ward) in his Colliery Pits as did Arthur Warby (My father-inlaw).  William and Mary Bannister emigrated to New Zealand in 1839 on the 'Bolton' arriving in NZ on 25th April 1840. Recorded on the passenger list, along with William and Mary, are their children John Eades, Edward and Robert Elijah. William and John's occupations are listed as Agricultural Labourers.

Information below was sent to me by Junine Hill 4 x gt Grandaughter of William Bannister (1795)

     William Bannister had been the manager of Lord Ward's Limestone Works and Dudley Castle for 30 years. He lived in a beautiful place called 'The Old Park'. The house was approached by a carriage drive lined with white and blue flowered lilacs. He was allowed a gig with two horses and two servants.

     When William's father died, the family convinced him to leave his position with Lord Ward to manage the Delph Clay Works (a family business). The story past down to Junine is that one or more of William's brothers did not cooperate with his running of the business and the business ran into trouble. He then went into the business of coal pits. Due to one of the coal pits being flooded and it was then that William decided to emigrate to New Zealand.

        Information below obtained from 'Cyclopedia of NZ 1897-Wellington Province :-  Johnsonville: Bannister Edwin  Page 1069.

    ~ Bannister, Edwin, Settler, Woodlawn Farm, near Johnsonville. The subject of this notice was the son of the late Mr. William Bannister, coal pit owner and ironfounder, of the firm Bannister, Banks and Bannister, Wolverhampton. Born at Dudley Castle in 1827, he came to New Zealand with his parents, per ship 'Bolton', in 1840, and was apprenticed to Mr. F. Revans of the New Zealand Gazette newspaper. Subsequently he worked on the Spectator and Cook Strait Guardian, The Independant, and the Evening Post. Mr. Bannister afterwards joined the staff of the Government Printing Office, were he remained until he retired from active city life to his pretty homestead. During his long residence in the Empire City he was an enthusiastic Oddfellow, his native lodge being the Brittania, M. U. Mr. Bannister was one of the founders of the Loyal Antipodean Lodge, of which he was secratary for fourty years, and acted as provincial corresponding secratary for the Wellington presentations testifying to the values of his long and ardent services. For his genial and obliging disposition, as well as for his readiness to assist others, he was well known and sincerly respected in Wellington, and his death on the 13th May 1895, at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. W. Rowlands, of Fitzherbert, Palmerston North, was the cause of profound regret. Mr. Bannister left a widow and seven daughters and four sons. He was the last of his family, but his name is very unlikely to die out, as the grandchildren now number over forty. ~

     An obituary was placed in the New Zealand Mail for Edwin Bannister on the 17th May 1895.


    Edwin's wife Mary Tuchen, arrived in NZ on the 'Arab' in 1840 along with her parents Peter and Sarah Tutchen and seven siblings.

    There is also mention of the Bannister - Masters family in the Wairarapa Times-Age written by Alan Henderson who is on the staff of the historical branch of the Internal Affairs Department in Wellington ....   http://wairarapa.co.nz/times-age/weekly/master.html  . This article shows the important link the Bannister - Masters - Allen families have to the Wairarapa.

         (e) William Edwin (or Eades) Bannister (1861-1948) married Caroline Ellen Redwood. They had one child, Edna born 1888. Caroline died whilst Edna was still very young and her father, William, took Edna to Wellington to be cared for and raised by the Bannister family. William left New Zealand for Australia where he meet and married Mary Noonan in 1912. William and Mary had no children from their marriage. 


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