(a) John Standen (    -    )

          (b) John Standen (    -    )

                    (c) John Standen (    -    )

                               (d) Samuel Standen (abt 1782-    ) married  Mary Ann Crump (    -    )

                                         (e) William Standen (1818-1853) UK-AUST married 1840  Jane Blunt (    -1858?) UK-AUST

                                                   (f) Mary Ann Standen (1842-1928) married 1856  Robert Samuel Miles (    -    )

                                         (e) Edward Standen (1826-1869) UK-NZ  married 1846  Frances Benton (1826-1900) UK-NZ-AUST-NZ

                                                   (f) James Thomas Standenborn Benton (1844-1925) married 1873  Amelia Lacey (1857-1938) NZ-AUST

                                                            (g) Frederick Standen (1874-    )

                                                            (g) Maud Alice Standen (1875-1944)

                                                            (g) Edith Standen (1875-1963)

                                                            (g) Charlotte Amelia Standen (1877-1877)

                                                            (g) Ann Standen (1878-    )

                                                            (g) Henry Standen (1880-    )

                                                            (g) Edwin Standen (1882-    )

                                                            (g) Lena Standen (1884-    ) married  George Greeks (    -    )

                                                            (g) James William Standen (1886-1961)

                                                            (g) Charles Standen (1888-1918) died WW1 in France

                                                            (g) Frances Amelia Standen (1893-    ) NZ-AUST

                                                   (f) William Charles Standen (1848-1930) AUST-NZ married 1871  Elizabeth Sophia Jones (1853-1925)

                                                            (g) Edward John Standen (1872-1962)

                                                            (g) Amy Sophia Standen (1875-    )

                                                            (g) Eva Elizabeth Standen (1876-1961)

                                                            (g) William Charles Standen (1878-1944)

                                                            (g) Henery Ernest Standen (1879-1963)

                                                            (g) Arthur Oswald Standen (1881-1945)

                                                            (g) Ellie Mary Standen (1883-1972)

                                                            (g) Frances Ethel Standen (1885-1886)

                                                            (g) Samuel James Standen (1885-1968)

                                                            (g) Alice Mary Standen (1888-    )

                                                            (g) Percy Claremont Standen (1891-1891)

                                                   (f) Edward Standen (1850-1850) born & died in Australia

                                                   (f) Samuel James Standen (1854-1942)

                                                   (f) Mary Standen (1858-1902)

                                                   (f) Alice Standen (1861-1951)

                                                   (f) Emily (Amy) Standen (1863-1941)

                                                   (f) Frances Standen (1860-1905) born Australia married  William Henry Southcombe (    -    )

                                                   (f) John Standen (1857-1941) married 1868  (1) Emma Bright (1848-1901) UK-NZ

                                                                                                             married 1905  (2) Ella Abbott (1881-1949)



          Edward Standen emigrated to New Zealand on the 'Catherine Stewart Forbes' on 11th June 1841. Edward married Frances Benton who apparently had an illegitimate son, James Thomas Benton who took on the name Standen after Edward married his mother, Frances in 1846. It is not known if James was Edwards son or not but it is recorded in Edwards will that James Thomas Standen was Frances Benton's son and not Edwards.

          Frances Benton was born in London and enigrated to New Zealand with her parents Timothy Benton & Mary Feast on the 'London' in 1842. Timothy owned Number 33 a 100 acre section in Standen Street (named after Edward). Edward and his father-in-law continued to farm the land until Edward died in 1869. Following his death Edwards sons farmed the land but it was eventually sold to the City Council and became part of Wellington's main Cemetery which opened in 1891. This cemetery replaced Bolton Street.

          Charles Standen (born 3rd December 1888 died in World War One and his buried at Etaples Military cemetery. He was in the Otago Regiment 1st Battalion. His service number was 14691 and he was a Private.




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