The Following pages will consist of Ships that carried passengers whose families can be found on my website. Not all passengers on each ship have been listed as there are various excellent resources available  on the Internet that cover this in full. The Ships and families listed on the following pages have been compiled simply to show how 'OUR FAMILIES' arrived in New Zealand and Australia. When fully constructed these pages will show how the families that arrived in Australia eventually migrated to New Zealand or visa-versa. They will give some idea of how some of the families meet on the voyage out and how other families already knew each other before departure from England. One can only imagine the bonds & ties & partnerships that were formed between our founding families during what must have been an arduous and long voyage to the relatively unknown.

          To try and tread in their foot-steps I like to imagine what it would be like having 100-300 strangers living in 'our house' for months on end. How would I cope with their illnesses? How would I cope with not being able to pop to the shops for more food and not being able to step outside the door the get away from it all? I can honestly say ... Not very well at all. The vessels that carried our families to the colonies are not much bigger, and even smaller in some cases, than the homes we live in today. To endure what they did is surely an indication of what life must have been like for them before they departed England and that they felt they could endure the hardship of the voyage ... And yet for many of our families it was just the beginning what was to be even greater hardship as they tamed the land and raised our founding families on it. 




Alma  - 1856

Anne Wilson  - 1856

Arab  - 1841

Bengal Merchant  - 1839

Bolton  - 1839

Catherine Stewart Forbes  - 1841

Conflict  - 1874

Coromandel  - 1839

Dallam Tower - 1874

Edward Johnstone  - 1854

Gertrude  - 1841

Hereford  - 1879

Lady liford  - 1839

Lady Nugent  - 1839

London  - 1840 & 1842

Lord William Bentinck  - 1841

Marmion  - 1851

Mystery - 1858


New Zealand

Oliver Lang  - 1856

Olympus  - 1840

Olympus  - 1840 & 1842


Rangoon  - 1863

Sir Charles Forbes  - 1839

SS Avalanche  - 1875

Soukar  - 1874

Warwick  - 1878

Wild Duck  - 1865 & 1866

William Bryan  - 1840

Woodlark  - 1873

Zealandia  - 1879



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