(d) Joseph Warrington (1833-1916) married 1871  Elizabeth Ingley (1852-1923)

                                 (e) John William Warrington (    -    ) married  Isabella Surtees (    -    )

                                         (f) Roland Warrington (    -1997)  married Chalotte Sage (    -    )

                                         (f) Robert Anthony Warrington (    -    ) married  Lucy Margarte Hood (    -    )

                                         (f) Myrtle Joyce Warrington (    -    ) married  William Scott (    -    )

                                         (f) Joan Melva Warrington (    -    ) married  Darcy Morrow (    -    )             

                                         (f) Isabel Warrington (1916-2004) married 1937  William James Wright (1911-abt 1997)

                                 (e) Elizabeth Warrington (    -    ) married  George Kiddie (    -    )

                                 (e) Helen Mabel Warrington (1884-1946) married 1906  Daniel Gustofson (    -    )

                                 (e) William Warrington (1873-    )

                                 (e) Joseph R Warrington (1874-    )


(d) Joseph Warrington (1833-    ) was known to have been a freehold owner of the Greytown Arms in Greytown, New Zealand. He is buried in the Greytown Cemetery, New Zealand.

(d) Noeline Warrington (1938-2001) was owner-operator of a Florist Shop in Carterton or Masterton in 1995. She married on 10th Jan 1959 in St Mary's Catholic Church, Carterton, New Zealand to Unknown. Noeline died in 2001 at Ashmore on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

(e) Helen Mabel Warrington (1884-1946) married on 5th Dec 1906 to Daniel Gustofson. Helen was buried in the Clareville Cemetery, Carterton, New Zealand.







                 (c) John Worthington (abt1778-1825) partner  Catherine Malone (1770-1841) CONVICT IRELAND-AUST

                                      (Catherine had married William Butts in 1794, partner Unknown Fry and Edward Bennetts)

                       (d) #James Warrington-Worthington (abt1808-1889) married 1833  Mary Theresa Byrne (1818-1896)

                                 (e) Catherine Warrington-Worthington (1835-    )

                                 (e) Sarah Warrington-Worthington (1837-1869) married 1853  Joseph Winter (    -    )

                                 (e) Ann Worthington (1839-1905) married  Francis Rowe L Mannell (    -    )

                                 (e) William Worthington (1841-1922) married 1860 (1) Mary Jane Tindall (    -    )

                                                                                                        married 1873 (2) Mary Barry (    -    )

                                 (e) Rebecca Worthington (1843-    ) married 1868  John Johnson (    -    )

                                 (e) Amelia Agnes Worthington (1845-1923) married Michael Joseph Doyle (    -    )

                                 (e) Catherine Worthington (1847-1928) married 1866  John Field (    -    )

                                 (e) Frances Mary Worthington (1849-1916) married 1872  William Reardon (    -    )

                                 (e) James Joseph Worthington (1851-1928) married 1873  Maria Reardon (    -    )

                                 (e) Patrick Joseph Worthington (1853-1937) married 1874  Margaret Coughlan (    -    )

                                 (e) John Joseph Worthington (1856-abt1914 ?) married 1880  Mary Ann Donohoe (1855-1917)

                                            (Mary Donohoe also married Reuben Downey in 1875 he died 1878 they had three children)

                               (f) Reginald Mark Worthington (1880-    )

                                         (f) Austin Patrick Worthington (1882-    )

                                         (f) Mildred Clara Worthington (1884-1950)

                                         (f) Francis Edward Worthington (1887-    ) married 1909  Jessie Thorburn (    -    )

                                 (e) Thomas Worthington (1858-1935) married 1882  Mary Catherine Dwyer (    -    )

                                 (e) Edward Joseph Worthington (1860-1939) married 1880  Catherine Teresa Barry (    -    )

                       (d) #Thomas Warrington - Worthington (abt 1810-    )                      

                       (d) #William Warrington - Fry (1812-1894) married 1841  Louisa Knowland (1808-    ) father was Unknown Fry

                               ( Louisa also married James Jackson on 11th May 1826)

                                  (e) William Warrington - Fry (1834-1905) married 1856  Bridget Williams (    -    )

                                           (f) William and Bridget's children under Combined Fry Family One

                                  (e) Catherine Warrington (1837-1879)

                                  (e) Mary Ann Warrington (1844-    )

                                  (e) Lucy Warrington (1847-    )

                                  (e) Margaret Jane Warrington (1841/2-1919) married 1860  Thomas Hockey (1840-1916)

                                         (f) Margaret and Thomas's children under Combined Hockey Trees

                                  (e) John William Fry-Warrington (1836-1901/5) married 1856  Bridget Williams (    -    )

                                          (f) Joseph Warrington (    -   ) 

                                  (e) James Warrington (1839-1915) married 1858  Clara Teresa Williams (1841-    )

                                          (f) William James Warrington (1859-1913)

                                          (f) Thomas Warrington (1861-1861)

                                          (f) Lucy A Warrington (1862-    ) possibly Louisa below

                                          (f) Louisa Ann Warrington (1862-1941)

                                          (f) John Patrick Warrington (1864-1942)

                                          (f) Catherine Warrington (1866-    )

                                          (f) Ellen Agatha Warrington (1868-1918)

                                          (f) Mary Jane Warrington (1870-    )

                                          (f) Alfred Samuel Warrington (1871-1872)

                                          (f) Clara Teresa Warrington (1873-1873)

                                          (f) Sarah L Warrington (1875-    )

                                          (f) Edward Denis Warrington (1878-1963)

                                          (f) Margaret Josephine Warrington (1880-    )

                                          (f) Joseph Bernard Warrington (1882-1915)

                                          (f) Daniel Bede Warrington (1885-1972)

                                          (f) Elizabeth May Warrington (1887-1958)

                                  (e) Edward Warrington (1843-1895) married 1861 (1) Elizabeth Roach (1842-    )

                                                                                                       married 1874 (2) Mary Ann Teasdale (    -    )

                                          (Children from Edward and Elizabeth's marriage)

                                          (f) Francis M Warrington (1862-    )

                                          (f) Angelina L Warrington (1863-    )

                                          (f) Albert Edward Warrington (1865-    )

                                          (f) Edgar J Warrington (1867-    )

                                          (Children from Edward and Mary's marriage)

                                          (f) George E Warrington (1875-    )

                                          (f) Ada A Warrington (1877-1925) married 1897  John Hockey (1870-    )

                                          (f) Florence Isabella Warrington (1880-    )

                                  (e) Sarah Warrington (1851-1933) married 1868  William Henry Darton Avery (1844-    ) Tree Two

                 (d) # John Worthington (    -    )


          It is important to highlight the fact that  John Worthington  and Catherine Malone (both convicts) have not been confirmed as being the correct parents of the Warrington Children. However it is equally important for researchers to be aware that names were often changed by convicts to escape their past or simply because of clerical errors or pronunciation errors due to hard to understand accents. This may or may not be the case for John Worthington and Catherine Malone.

          John Worthington was tried at Quarter Sessions Lancaster in April 1805 and sentenced to seven years. He was transported to Australia on 12th July 1806 on the 'Fortune' arriving in Port Jackson. On the 5th January 1810 the Colonial Secretary Index entry states: To be released from Sydney Gaol on the occasion of Lachlan Macquarie taking charge of the Government. On the 23 June 1810 John was convicted with two other men by the NSW Bench Magistrate for the crime of stealing fowls. In 1816-17 Muster Entries: Arrived July 1806 - 'Fortune'- Tried Mancester March 1805 - Sentence expired 1812 - Left the Colony. It is believed , but not evidence confirms this belief, that John returned to England , was transported once again in 1820 and died in Sydney, NSW, Australia in 1825.

          Catherine Malone (1770-1841) was Convicted in Dublin in April 1792 and sentenced to 7 years for stealing three pounds-nineteen shillings-seven and half pennies along with Ann McNamara/Grant who was also transported for the crime. Catherine arrived in Port Jackson aboard the 'Sugar Cane' in 1793. Catherine married 1794 (1)William Butts (    -1821) . Lived with (2) John Worthington. Lived with (3) Unknown Fry and lived with (4) Edward Bennett (    -1842). 1822 Muster Entries list: Catherine as Wife to and employed by Edward Bennett (He was a convict and arrived in the Brittania in 1797) and Catherine's children adopted the names of their father's later in their lives  e.g Fry, Worthington and the name Warrington was also used. This causes the Family Tree to be somewhat confused in appearance.

  • James, Thomas, John and William were variously listed on Offical records as Warrington and Warrenton.
  • #James resumed the Worthington spelling around 1839 (At the time of his marriage and at time of the birth of his first two children, the name Warrington had been used, but all his subsequent children were registered as Worthington).
  • # Thomas Warrington returned to using the name Worthington by 1832.
  • #William retained the Worthington spelling  until the mid 1830's, when he changed his surname to Fry (the surname of his father). Various family group sheets list him as Worthington, Fry and warrington.
  • John Worthington retained the Worthington spelling.


     # Thomas Warrington (abt1810-    ) is recorded in the  Colonial Secretary's Index as : Thomas Warrington aged 8 years; Son of John Warrenton and Catherine Malone in care of David Nowland of Airds (David is listed as Thomas's guardian in the index for 1819)- Fathers name John Warrenton;Left the Colony; Mothers names Catherine Malone;resides in Sydney; has four children and in great distress. Recommened for new orphan school. In 1818 Colonial Secretary's Index: Thomas Warrington aged 8 years: Son of John Warrenton and Catherine Malone in care of David Nowland of Airds, recommended for new Orphans School. In 1818 Catherine was recorded as being in great distress and both Thomas and #John were admitted to the Orphans School in Parramatta.  John and Catherine Worthington's son, #William( who used the name Warrington) eventually married David knowland's daughter, Louisa Knowland. In 1828 Thomas Warrington was recorded as a Carpenter to Rev Robert Cartwright. Thomas was tried and convicted with a friend in the Quarter Sessions in 1832 in Campbelltown, NSW of assaulting a Campbelltown Police Constable. On the 29 June 1839 Thomas Worthington married Mary Ann Howard. William Butts and catherine Malone had a daughter Sarah who was born at Parramatta on 10th Dec 1794, Baptized on 1st February 1795 and died 1797. Sarah was buried at parramatta on 27th January 1797.

      # James Worthington (abt 1806-    ) is recorded on 31st May 1823 in the Colonial Secretary's Index as : Employed by Moses Brennan in the district of Appin. Again in 1824 Index he was listed as above. In a 1824 Petition for land: "the eldest son of John Worthington of Sydney": aged 19; "has lived with Moses Brennan upwards of seven years. James married Mary Theresa Byrne at St mary's Church on 27th Novemeber 1833.

      #John Worthington is listed as being admitted to the Orphans School in Parramatta along with his brother # Thomas. The 1820 Colonial Secratary's Index lists: John Warrington admitted to Male Ophan School; Catherine Malowny his parent.

       # William Warrington married the daughter of his brother's one time guardian, Louisa Nowland on


Catherine Bennett died on 4th August 1841 at Seven Hills and was buried at St Patrick's Church, Parramatta.

Edward Bennett died  1842 and buried at St Patrick's Church, Parramatta.

James Worthington (1808-1889) was buried at Cootamundra.

Mary Theresa Worthington nee Byrne (1818-1896) was buried at Rookwood Cemetery, Sydney, NSW.


Robyn Faulkner would love to hear from any one researching the Warrington-Worthington-Fry families


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