(e) William Fawcett (Fassett) (1816-1887) UK-NZ  married 1836  Jane Smedley (1814-1871) UK-NZ

                                           (f) Charlotte Jane Fawcett (1845-1875)

                                           (f) William Fawcett (1842-1912) UK-NZ

                                          (f) Rhoda Ann Fawcett (1846-1894) married 1865  Thomas Reid Watson (    -    )

                                          (f) Joseph Fawcett (1838-1901) UK-NZ-USA

                                          (f) George Fawcett (1855-1916) married 1876  Mary Jane Spicer (1859-1923)

                                          (f) Emma Elizabeth Fawcett (1851-1913) married 1871  George Alder Stratford (abt1846-1968)

                                          (f) Samuel Henry Fawcett (1848-1921) NZ-USA married 1871  Charlotte Eagle (1833-1928) UK-NZ-USA

                                                    All Samuel's children were born in USA

                                                   (g) Charlotte Lauretta Fawcett (1877-1933)

                                                   (g) Arthur Ernest Fawcett (1891-1971)

                                                   (g) Amos William Fawcett (1882-1965)

                                                   (g) Emma Blanche Fawcett (1893-1966)

                                                   (g) Samuel Robert Fawcett (1874-1935)

                                                   (g) Hannah Jane Fawcett (1872-1929)

                                                   (g) Pricilla Fawcett (1884-1894)

                                                   (g) George Henry Fawcett (1879-1942)

                                                   (g) Joseph Edward Fawcett (1887-1904)

                                 (f) Priscilla Fawcett (1853-1926) married 1871 (1) Charles Richard Wiley (    -    )

                                                                                                          married 1914 (2) James Wilson (    -    )

                                            (f) Unnamed Child Fawcett (1855-     ) possibly the same child below ?

                                            (f) Clara Fawcett (1856-1924) married  1873  Luther Gausden Wiley (1852-1921)


           (e) William Fawcett (1816-1887) was born in London, England and Christened on the 27th October 1816 in Reading, Berkshire, England. On the 9th October 1836 he married Jane Smedley in St Mary's Church, Reading, Berkshire, England. William died in Wellington, New Zealand on the 7th July 1887 and was buried on the 9th July 1887.         

          (f) Clara Fawcett (1856-1924) was born in the Wellington  on the 11th November 1856. She married Luther Gausden Wiley on the 17th September 1873 in Ohariu Valley, New Zealand. Luther was born on the 17th January 1852 in the Hutt district to parents Hamilton James Wiley and Jane Freeman Gausden. Luther also married Eliza Hughes and Sarah Hughes had also married William Henry McMonagle. Clara died on the 18th January 1924 and was buried in Auckland and Luther died on the 22nd August 1921 and is buried in Kawhia, Auckland, New Zealand.

HELP .... Rhoda Ann Fawcett and husband Thomas reid Watson had a son Thomas Henry Watson born 25th Novemeber 1876 in Crawford Street, Wellington, New Zealand. He married Elsie Olive Maidment on the 7th July 1900 in Jackson Street, Petone. Can anyone tell me who Elsie's parents/grandparents were? Email jowarby@bigpond.net.au if you can help.


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