(c) William Billman (    -    )

                             (d) George Valentine Billman (1817-1894) UK-NZ married 1846  Harriet Nicholls (1822-1899) UK-NZ

                                       (e) David Billman (1847-1910) married  Mary Jane Barnard (1849-1925) UK-NZ

                                                 (f) William David Billman (1872-1936) UK-NZ married 1900 Alexina Bown (1870-1961) SCT-UK-NZ

                                                           also listed as David William Billman ... unsure which is correct

                                                           (g) Lesie David Billman (1912-1960) married 1926 Unknown (    -    )

                                                 (f) Charles Edward Billman (1874-    ) married 1900  Jessie Priscilla Jane Daysh (1878-1962)

                                                           (g) Margaret Elizabeth Isobel Billman (1897-1998) married abt 1920  Sidney Ensor (1893-1980)

                                                           (g) Ivy Myrtle Billman (1900-1984) married 1926  Harold Walmsly (    -    )

                                                           (g) Elsie May Billman (1902-    )

                                                           (g) Douglas Charles Billman (1903-1903)

                                                           (g) Edward Lorenzo Billman (1904-1979)

                                                           (g) Areta Ethel Billman (1906-2000)

                                                           (g) Lucitania Grace Billman (1908-1928)

                                                           (g) William Rulon Hooper Billman (1910-1972) married 1935  Aileen Ruth White (    -1987)

                                                           (g) Charles David Billman (1912-1988) married 1936  Eileen Letecia Rose Skelly (1911-    )

                                                                     also listed as David Charles Billman

                                                           (g) Thelma Joyce Billman (    -    )

                                                           (g) Jean Ione Billman (    -    )

                                                           (g) Leila Joan Jane Billman (1918-1995) married 1954  Thomas George Adams (    -    )

                                                           (g) Audrey Patricia Billman (    -    )

                                                           (g) Desmond Noel Billman (1922-    ) married 1947  Eileen Alice Adams (1927-1989)

                                                                  (h) Geoffrey Charles Edward Billman (1956-1956)

                                                  (f) Ethel Nellie Billman (1878-1958)

                                                           also listed as Ethel Millie Billman

                                                  (f) Ruby Harriet Billman (1881-    )

                                                  (f) Ivy Jane Billman (1893-1977) married 1934  John William Kenneth Phillips (    -1959)

                                                  (f) Stewart William Billman (1898-1983) married 1919  Lucy Sutcliffe (1896-1989) 

                                                           also listed as William Louis Hunter Billman ... probably the same person?

                              (d) Abraham Billman (1849-1918) UK-NZ married  Matilda Prince (    -    )

                              (d) Harriet Ann Billman (1854-1923) UK-NZ married 1874  William Lewis Coe (    -    )


          (d) George Valentine Billman (1817-1894) married Harriet Nicholls in 1846 in England. The three known children for George and Harriet were allborn in Manchester England and and emigrated to New Zealand with their parents. George Valentine Billman died 12-19th August  1894 in Wellington, New Zealand (unsure which is correct as one resource had death 12th & burial 19th August) and Harriet Billman (nee Nicholls) died on 19th Septmeber 1899 and was buried on 21 September 1899 in Wellington, new Zealand.

          (e) David Billman (1847) and his wife Mary Jane (Nee Barnard) were witnesses at the marriage of Mary's sister Sarah Elizabeth Barnard to Alfred Clark on the 5th April 1875. Alfred and Sarah's wedding took place at David and Mary's home at Arthur Street, Wellington, New Zealand.

        (g) Douglas Charles Billman (1903-1903) was born at Carterton, New Zealand on 22 May 1903 to parents Charles and Jessie Billman. Sadly Douglas only lived until he was six months old and died on 15th November 1903. He was buried in the Clarville Cemetery, Carterton, new Zealand.

          (g) William Rulon Billman (1910-1972) married in 1935 Aileen Ruth White in Greytown, New Zealand. Aileen was born to parents Frederick Albert White and Ruth Rayner.  HELP .... can anyone link Ruth to the Rayner Trees  William died on 14th April 1972 and Aileen died on 29th Novemeber 1987.

          (f) Stewart William Billman (1898-1983) may have married Lucy Sutcliffe. There was a William Louis Hunter Billman born and died on the same day as Stewart married to Lucy Sutcliffe. William Louis Hunter Billman was said to also be a son of David Billman and Mary Jane Barnard.

          (g) Desmond Noel Billman (1922-    ) married Eileen Alice Adams. Eileen was born on 15th October 1925 in Auckland, New Zealand. Eileen died on 27th October 1989. Son, Geoffrey was born and died in Auckland in the month of November 1956. Eileen and Thomas Henry Adams (born 16th May 1923 in Auckland)  were brother and sister born to parents Albert Edward Adams and Olive Jane Jones. Eileen and Thomas's grandparents were George Adams and Catherine (known as Kate) Burke who married on 20th June 1881.

          (f) William David Billman (1872-1936)  & brother (f) Stewart William Billman (1898-1983) ... I have some confussion over their name. Some records list William david Billman as David William Billman. Some records also have his brother, Stewart William Billman listed as William Louis Hunter Billman who, like Stewart , William Louis was also born in 1898 and died in 1983. To save confussion, and until someone can confirm which is correct, I have simply listed them as William and Stewart. William David Billman was born in Wellington, New Zealand on the 13 th February 1872. He must have traveled tothe UK as he married Alexina Brown on the 11th August 1900 in London, England, Alexina was born in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1870. Both William and Alexina died in Nelson, new Zealand. William on the 16th August 1936 and Alexina on the 15th October 1961. They had a son, Leslie, who was born on 16th september 1912 in Wellington, New Zealand.




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