(d)John Ensor (    -    ) married 1815 Martha Butler (    -    )

                               (e) Samuel Ensor (1819-1889) married 1841  Elizabeth Hartshorne (1819-1911)

                                        (f) Moses Ensor (1842-1930) UK-NZ  married 1868  Ellen Little (1847-1936) UK-NZ

                                                 (g) Albert Vivian Ensor (1879-1941) married abt 1905 Ada Jessie Buchanan (1885-1919)

                                                         (h) Glenwyn Vivian Buchanan Ensor (1905-1972) married 1928  Mildred Elizabeth Mathers (1907-abt 1962)

                                                                 (i) Gloria Iona Ensor (1929-1987) married 1950  K  W   Berry (1928-    )

                                                                 (i) I   Y   Ensor (1931-    )

                                                                 (i) C  N   Ensor (    -    )

                                                          (h) Inez Ellen Ensor (1906-1988) married 1932  Keith Allan Wintour (1908-1989)

                                                          (h) V   L   J   Ensor (1910-    )

                                                          (h) V  A  Ensor (1915-    )

                                                          (h) M   J   Ensor (1918-    )

                                                  (g) Flora MacDonald Ensor (1869-1947) married 1890  Christopher Jacob Johnston (1872-    )

                                                  (g) Ada Annie Ensor (1871-1871)

                                                  (g) Arthur George Ensor (1872-1874)

                                                  (g) William (Wifred) Percival Ensor (1874-1958) married 1904  Isabella Harris (1881-1942)

                                                          (h) Dan Ensor (1905-1975) married  Isobell Boswell (1907-    )

                                                          (h) Raymond Claughton Ensor (1907-1974) married  Annie Kennington (    -    )

                                                          (h) Gilbert William Ensor (1909-1985) married (1) R   E   Telfer (    -    )

                                                                                                                                  married (2) P   Deed (    -    )

                                                                                                                                  married (3) M   E   Iremonger (    -    )

                                                          (h) Rona Isabelle Ensor (1909-    )

                                                          (h) Stanley Milton Ensor (1913-1914)

                                                          (h) Donald Vincent Ensor (1916-1980)

                                                          (h) Olive Mary Ensor (1918-1990)

                                                  (g) Alfred Samuel Ensor (1875-1923) married 1899  Lucy Bell Speer or Spear (1880-    )

                                                          (h) Gladys Ensor (    -    )

                                                          (h) Dorothy Ensor (    -    )

                                                          (h) Alfred Crompton Rhodes Ensor (1900-    )

                                                          (h) Gordon Ensor (    -    )

                                                          (h) Reginald John Ensor (1907-    )

                                                  (g) Alice Vida (Lal) Ensor (1877-    )

                                                  (g) Charles Hedley Ensor (1881-    )

                                                  (g) Hilda Janet Ensor (1883-1959) married 1909  Hubert Gorton Nelmes (1882-1936)

                                                  (g) John Henry (Jack) Ensor (1884-    ) married 1912  Ethel Mary Flavell (    -1977)

                                                           (h) Violet Winoni (Noni) Ensor (    -    ) married Unknown Stephenson (    -    )

                                                  (g) George Neilson Ensor (1886-    )

                                                  (g) Helen Gertrude (Nell) Ensor (1889-    )

                                                  (g) Eva May Ensor (1890-    )

                                       (f) Samuel Ensor (1853-1936) UK-NZ married  Cecelia Gallop (1858-    ) AUST-NZ

                                                  (g) MBE Sidney Ensor (1893-1980) married 1916  Margaret Elizabeth Isobel Billman (1897-1998)

                                                          (h) M   C   Ensor (1916-    )

                                                          (h) E   M   Ensor (1917-     )

                                                          (h) D   H   Ensor (1922-    )

                                                  (g) Samuel John Ensor (1876-    )

                                                  (g) William Henry Ensor (1878-    )

                                                  (g) Victor Charles Ensor (1887-    )

                                                  (g) Henry George Herbert Ensor (1889-1915) died WW1

                                                  (g) Olive Ida Louise Ensor (1892-    )

                                                  (g) Charles Clarence Ensor (1895-    )

                                           (f) Elizabeth (Bessie) Ensor (    -    ) married  Unknown Read (    -    )


The 'Ensor' family (brothers Moses and Samuel) emigrated from Staffordshire, England and settled in Auckland and Thames, New Zealand. Samuel died in Auckland but his children were born in Thames. Moses's grandfather, John,  married Martha Butler on the 31st July 1815 in West Bromich, Staffordshire, England. The surname was also written as Enson and even at times as Hensel. Four very tragic events of very different kinds must have certainly left deep scars phisically and mentally on the Ensor family. Moses, his brother Samuel and two of Samuel's children all endured events which altered their lives forever. Some were able to restore their shattered lives whilst others lived on the best they could with help and support from their families.

(f) Moses Ensor (1842-1930) was born in Wednesbury, England. He married Ellen Little who was born in Smethwick, Warwickshire, England in 1847. On the 17th November 1879 Moses Ensor was aged 37 and a father of seven young children with the youngest being  just over a month old. Moses was a miner at the Alburnia Mine up the Moanataiari Valley near Thames, New Zealand.  Moses was working along side a lad named Floyd in a drive 90 feet (27m) below ground. Moses, it is believed, had bored a hole in the face and inserted a charge of powder. After he commenced tampering the charge exploded. Moses took the full force of the blast and received terrible injuries. Floyd had been behind Moses and escaped with a scorched face and was able to walk from the mine. Ensor was conveyed to hospital on a stretcher that had been hastily constructed. Mr Wilcox was the underground boss at this time and he sent a message down the Moanataiari Valley. Dr Andrews met Moses half way down the Valley and escorted Moses to the Hospital where Dr Payne and the Dispenser examined Ensor's features and found they were greatly disfigured. His eyes had been badly injured and it was feared he would not regain his sight. Floyd was admitted to hospital and allowed to go home after a couple of days. By November the 24th it was reported that Moses's condition had improved a little since his admitance to hospital and that the pain had abated considerably and that Moses could see slightly out of one eye. Moses health must have continued to improve as he lived to an old age and had a further six children. (Information provided by Anita Nelmes & obtained from Reference: Blasting Accidents Thames Gold Mines ISBN 09582096-3-4 Thames Goldfield Information Series No. 4).

(g) MBE Sidney Ensor (1893-1980) was the Mayor of Thames, New Zealand for 28 years and a member of the council for 54 years. For this service he received a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth and Ensor Place in Thames was named after him and Margaret Place was named after his wife.

(g) Albert Vivian Ensor (1879-1941) was said to be a very handsome gentleman and his wife Ada Jessie Ensor (nee Buchanan) is decribed as having been a very adorable lady. 

 (g) William Percival Ensor (1874-1958) & brother (g) Alfred Samuel Ensor (1875-1923) owned and operated a Grocery & General Store in Mary Street, Thames. On the afternoon of 25th February 1915 their partially blind father, Moses Ensor, was home alone and in front part of the premises whilst the back was ablaze. Moses was unaware that fire had broken out but was rescued and escourted from the premises to safety. The shop and store containing valuable stock of provisions and merchandise were gutted while the residence suffered considerable damage.The stock was insured but the residence was not. A tempory business was set up in Mrs Purnell's store until repairs could be done to the fire damaged premises. The family with the exception of Mr Ensor snr were taking advantage of the half day holiday and had journeyed down the coast. A kerosene stove had been left on by mistake and Moses turned this off but being blind it is presumed that he turned the light on instead of off and that the fire originated in this way. (Information provided by Anita Nelmes and taken from an article printed in the Thames Star Newspaper on the 26th February 1915).

(f) Samuel Ensor (1853-1936) was born in Staffordshire England on 2nd September 1853. On the 23rd November 1874 in Thames, New Zealand he married Cecelia Gallop. Cecelia was born on the 2nd August 1850 in Victoria ,Australia. Anita Nelmes has provided me with a brief history of the real life drama which tells of some of the trials and tribulations which unfolded into a story of true life 'love & crime' story for Samuel and a nightmare for his victims family and a terrible legacy for his own family. It is unknown why Samuel went to Australia but it is known that he he went to Broken Hill. The report in the 'Thames Star' dated 29th december 1899 reports the story as thus: Here he (Samuel) meet and became involved and infatuated with a half-cast negress by the name of Edith Bean. Edith's sister, Ellen Emma, had married a Mr Jensen and the couple were well liked and respected by people who knew them. Samuel persuaded Edith to live with him. It is not known if the couple married but reports say that Edith and Samuel seemed to have lived happily together. They too were a well liked pair by the people who knew them and had business dealings with them. Edith delivered a still born child in April a fact which was reported as a grief to them both. The report states that Edith found out that Samuel had a wife and family back in New Zealand and left him. She returned to Broken Hill to visit her sister. Samuel had taken the seperation to heart but Edith had moved on with her life and shortly after the seperation had become enamored with a young man named Charles Wetstone. Charles was a lodger in the home of her sister and brother in-law. Edith's sister and brother in-law had gone to Adelaide leaving Edith and Charles alone in the house. When they returned at 5 o'clock Samuel Ensor was in the back of the house. He called out and Ellen (Mrs Jensen) went to see what he wanted. As Ellen finished having a few words with Samuel she turned to go back into the house and at the same moment Edith, who had been in the front of the house, appeared in the doorway leading to the kitchen. As soon as Samuel saw her he pointed the revolver he was carrying and fired. It is not know who he meant to shoot but Mrs Jensen was shoot. Charles Wetstone jumped from a bed he had been lying down in and put his head out of the door. He could not recall if he had been fired at or not but a bullet hole in the door of the bedroom points to the conclusion that Samuel did fire a shot at Charles too. Charles wrenched the revolver from Samuel's hands and it dropped to the floor. Samuel then pulled a razor from his pocket and made a slash at Charles throat, missed but the blade cut a deep gash into Charles face. A crowd had been drawn and Police assitance was sought. Senior Constable Murray arrived and found, upon entering the house, that Samuel was on the bed with his throat cut from ear to ear. He was removed to the Hospital and Dr Seabrook stated that Samuel was likely to make a full recovery but Dr Groves, who had arrived at the house, pronounced that Ellen had been mortally wounded. Samuel was sentenced to death in April 1900 by his Honor Mr Acting Justice Gibson but the sentence must have been overturned or commuted.Samuel returned to New Zealand some time around 1915 (possibly for the funeral of his son Henry's who had died in WW1 in 1915 see Roll of Honour below) and lived with his siter Bessie in Auckland. When Cecelia found out that Samuel had returned to New Zealand she filed for a divorce. The papers were served on Samuel whilst he was living with his niece Flora Johnstone. Samuel wrote to Cecelia to say he would not oppose the divorce. He lived for another 21 years quietly in Auckland. With the end of Samuel's life so ended the story of Ellen's murder and Samuel's attempted Suicide. NOTE: I have altered the wording slightly to shorten the story but it remains as generally reported and told to me.

(h) Glenwyn Vivian Ensor (1905-1972) He was in Thames New Zealand on the 13th May 1905 in the Thames Valley, New Zealand. He tragically died as a result of a car accident on the 19th May 1972. On the 3rd of September 1928 he married Mildred Elizabeth Mathers. She was born to parents John Mathers and Alice Alma Holland on the 24th March 1907 in Taikorea, New Zealand. Glenwyn and Mildred's three daughters could speak Maori due to being raised in a town with a predominant Maori population. During the war the Ensor family owned a shop in Mapiu where Gloria and Irene would serve in the shop whilst Colleen would help her mother. The Ensor family eventually moved to Foxton. Mildred died from a heart attack at the age of 55.


          (g) Henry George Herbert Ensor (1899-1915) is remembered as one of the fallen at Gallipoli on the Lone Pine Memorial list: Private Henry George Herbert Ensor Auckland Regiment NZEF Killed in Action 30th April 1915 Son of Cecelia Payne (formerly Ensor) of Pollen Street, Thames and late Samuel Ensor.



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