(d) James Henry Baggarley (    -    ) married  Grace Crocket (    -    )

                                    (e) James Henry Baggarley (1813-1856) married            (1) Louisa Howard (    -    )

                                                                                                                 married 1849  (2) Jessie Adamson or Adams (1821-1884)

                                              Jessie Adamson also married Henry Valler & Charles Askin

                                              (Children from James and Louisa marriage)

                                              (f) James Henry Augustus Baggarley (1842-1917) married 1867  Martha Peters (1847-    )

                                                      (g) Samuel Harold Baggarley (    -    )

                                                      (g) Edith Baggarley (    -    )

                                                      (g) Gertrude Baggarley (    -    )

                                                      (g) Mabel Baggarley (    -    )

                                                      (g) Augustus Henry Baggarley (1869-    )

                                                      (g) Clarice Ethelyn Baggarley (1887-    ) married 1907  Hugh James Muldrock (1884-1971)

                                              (Children from James and Jessie's marriage)

                                              (f) Henry Baggarley (1850-1938) married 1875  Hannah Gusena Hansen (1852-1933)

                                                       (g) Rose Baggarley (abt 1876-    )

                                                       (g) Bertha Baggarley (abt 1878-    )

                                                       (g) Walter Baggarley (abt 1880-    )

                                                       (g) Lily Baggarley (abt 1882-    )

                                                       (g) Minnie Baggarley (abt 1884-    )

                                                       (g) William Baggarley (abt 1886-    )

                                                       (g) Elsie Grace Baggarley (abt 1888-    ) 

                                                       (g) Gordon Stanley Bagley (1895-1978) married  Iris Annie Gupwell (1902-1994) HELP see below

                                          not confirmed this is the right Gordon as birth was given as abt 1890 but Gordon above was born in 1895

                                                                (h) I  S  Bagley (1925-    ) married 1969  R  H  West (1925-    )

                                                                (h) D  Bagley (1927-    ) married R  Townsend (    -1984)

                                              (f) Jessie Bagley (1852-1915) married 1870  Henry Williams (1844-    )

                                                      (g) Jessie and Henry's children under Combined William Trees

                                              (f) William Baggarley (1855-1860)

                                              (f) Mary Jane Bagley (Askins) (1859-1942) married 1882  Daniel Thomas King (    -    )


          (d) James Henry Baggarley (1813-1856) was born in Southwark, London, England on the 23rd May 1813. He first  married sometime before 1842 to Louisa Howard. James married a second marriage was to Jessie Adams(on) on the 10th december 1849. Jessie's maiden name was recorded as Adamson but her father's surname was recorded as Adams. Jessie was born between 1821-1825  in Scotland. Following Henry's death in 1856 Jessie remarried (or had a relationship) with Charles Askin around 1859 and then she married  Henry Valler on the 17th Novenber 1875. James henry Baggarley died on the 13th February 1856 and Jessie died on the 13th August 1884 in Porirua and was buried at Tawa Flats.

          (f) James Henry Augustus Baggarley (1842-1917) was the son of James Baggarley (1813) and Louisa Howard. James married Martha Peters at Carterton, New Zealand on the 10th december 1867. Martha was the daughter of James Peters and Hannah Ford.  Both James and Martha died in Carterton. Martha died on the 24th November 1906 and James died on the 9th August 1917.

          (f) Henry Baggarley (1850-1938) was born on the 9th September 1850 and married abt 1875 to Hannah Gusena Hansen. Hannah was from Norway. Hannah died on the 26th October 1933 and is buried in the Pahiatua Cemetery, New Zealand.

          (f) Mary Jane Bagley (1859) was born three years after her mother's husband James Henry Baggarley's death. Mary was likely to have been born under the Baggarley (Bagley) name but her father was probably Charles Askin. Charles was Jessie's second husband/partner.

          (g) Clarice Ethelyn Baggarley (1887-    ) was born on the 24th June 1887 in Carterton, New Zealand. On the 6th February 1907 Clarice married Hugh James Muldrock. Hugh was born on the 19th January 1884 in Ngutuwera, New Zealand to parents Hugh Clark Muldrock and Sarah Peters. Hugh (snr) was born in 1853 in Newry, Armagh, Ireland. Clarice died on the 30th June 1985 in Wanganui and Hugh died in 1971 also in Wanganui.

          (g) Gordon Stanley Bagley (1895-1978) as listed above has been not confirmed as being  the right Gordon. HELP ... does anyone have Gordon'd birth certificate to prove who his parents were? The Gordon Bagley listed above and his decendants is the correct Gordon who did marry Iris Annie Gupwell. The family group sheet for Henry Baggarley and Hannah does have a Gordon listed as being born about 1890 in Porongahau, New Zealand.


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