(g) Henry Williams (1844-    ) married 1870   Jessie Bagley (1852-1915)

                                                                (h) Jessie Williams (1871-1947) married(1)  Arthur Tyler (1867-    )

                                                                                                                             married (2) George White (abt 1867-    )

                                                                         (Children from Jessie and Arthur's marriage)

                                                                         (i) Jessie and Arthur's children under Combined Tyler Trees

                                                                         (Children from Jessie and George's marriage)

                                                                         (i) Jessie and George's children under Combined White Tree

                                                                (h) Unknown Williams (1874-1944) married 1890 William Collard (1868-1957

                                                                (h) Maude Williams (1875-1920)  married 1902  John Pearson McPherson McRae (1867-1920) AUST-NZ

                                                                (h) May Williams (1882-    )

                                                                (h) Georgina (Bertha) Williams (1886-1955) married 1918  William Henry Edwards (abt 1882-    ) HELP  see below

                                                                (h) Henry (Nobby) Williams (1888-1917)

                                                                (h) Violet Williams (1889-1965) married  Arthur Sullivan (abt 1885-    )


          (g) Henry Williams (1844-   ) was born in Longfords, County Limerick, Ireland. Henry married Jessie Bagley on the 13th January 1870 at Otahuao, New Zealand. Jessie was the daughter of James Henry Baggerley (also spelt Bagley) and Jessie Adamson (also spelt Adams as her father was said to be David Adams). Henry and Jessie's seven children were born in Castlepiont, Palmerston North, Eketahuna and Masterton.

HELP  ...  Can anyone please tell me who William Henry Edwards (who married Bertha Williams) parents & grandparents were? Does he connect to the Combined Edwards Tree ?  William Edwards was said to be born about 1882 in Masterton, New Zealand and he married Georgina (Bertha) Williams on the 31st July 1918.



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