(d) Richard Willmott (1791-    ) married Elizabeth Winter (1792-    ) * see census below

                                      (e) Sarah Wilmott (1818-    ) married 1852  Charles Winter (1827-    )

                                      (e) John Willmott (1820-    ) married 1840  Kezia(h) Beeseley (1814-    ) * see census below

                                               (f) Richard Willmott (1841-    )

                                               (f) Robert Willmott (1844-    )

                                               (f) Harriet Willmott (1851-    ) * see cenus below

                                      (e) Robert Willmott (1823-    ) married Mary Ann Pusey (    -    )

                                               (f) Robert John Willmott (1852-    )

                                               (f) Mary Ann Willmott (1865-    )

                                      (e) Harriet Willmott (1828-    )


(d) Richard Willmott (1791-    ) married Elizabeth Winter. Their children were christened in Wexham, Buckinghamshire.

(e) Sarah Willmott (1818-    ) was christened on the 11th October 1818 in Wexham, Buckinghamshire, England. Sarah married her cousin, Charles Winter on the 2nd August 1852 in Upton Cum Chalvey, Buckinghamshire.

(e) John Willmott (1817-20) birth date is unclear at this time. In the Census Records (see below) he generally appears to be five years younger than his wife Kezia Beesley. Kezia's mother was Mary Beesley. Her father has not been confirmed but it thought to be William Beesley. John married Kezia on the 17th January 1840 in Wexham, Buckinghamshire, England.

(e) Robert Willmott (1823-    ) was christened on the 9th June 1823 in Wexham, Buckinghamshire. He married Mary Ann Unknown who was born in Stoke Poges, Buckingham, England abt 1827. Robert was a Grocer owning a shop in Wescott Road, Dorking, Surrey for many years. His son, also Robert, worked for his father and is listed in the 1871 Census as a Grocer's Assistant and in the 1881 Census as a Grocer. Alfred Cove (a nephew) was also working for Robert (Snr) as a Grocers Assistant in his Wescott Road, Dorking shop. 

HELP  ..... In the 1871 CENSUS Robert and Mary Ann Willmott have a nephew, Alfred Cove aged 15 born in Langley, Buckinghamshire (Grocer's assistant) stopping with them. Can anyone please tell me how Alfred Cove links to this family? I have a feeling he links via the Pusey family but would like to find the positive link. Alfred Cove aged 5  in the 1861 CENSUS (same person) born Langley, Buckinghamshire is stopping with his Grandparents John and Kitty Pussey. John Pussey was aged 66 and born in Farnham Royal, Buckinghamshire. Later in the 1881 Census Alfred Cove was in Watford, Herefordshire (a Graocer) , in 1891 Census he was in Islington, London a Grocer's assistant and in 1901 Census he was in Torington, Sussex aged 45 and still a grocer. I think Alfred's parents were Alfred Cove and Ann Unknown. Would love this puzzle solved so your help will be greatly appreciated.SOLVED (Thank you Steve Miller for solving this puzzle for me. Alfred Cove was the son of Alfred Cove & Ann Pusey. Ann's sister Mary Ann Pusey married Robert Wilmott son of Richard Wilmott & Elizabeth Winter)


* 1841 CENSUS:   Witon? Road - Datchet - Buckinghamshire - England

NAME                                   STATIS    AGE    OCCUPATION      BIRTHPLACE

Richard Wilmot                                     50        Ag Lab

Elizabeth Wilmot                                  50

Harriet Wilmot                                      13

***  1861 CENSUS:   James? Cottages - Upton Cum Chalvey - Buckinghamshire - England

NAME                                   STATIS   AGE     OCCUPATION       BIRTHPLACE

Richard Willmott                 head        71         Farm Lab                 Oxon -

Elizabeth Willmott              wife         69         Lab wife                    Wexham - Buckinghamshire

Harriet Willmott                  dau           33        Dressmaker            Upton - Buckinghamshire

Richard Willmott                 Nephew   20        Farm lab                   Datchet - Buckinghamshire

Harriet Willmott                  G/dau      11        Scholar                                      "

NOTE: I think that Richard was Harriet's (aged 11) brother (see John & Keziah's 1851 Census below) which would mean he was Richard & Elizabeth's grandson - not nephew.


* 1841 CENSUS:   Upton Vicarage? - Upton Cum Calvey - Buckinghamshire - England

NAME                                   STATIS     AGE    OCCUPATION      BIRTHPLACE

John Willmott                                         20         Labourer

Keziah Willmott                                     25

Richard Willmott                                    4 mths

Charlotte Bradshaw                               7

**  1851 CENSUS:   Road to Upton - Datchet - Buckinghamshire - England

NAME                                 STATIS   AGE    OCCUPATION        BIRTHPLACE

John Willmott                   head         30        Farm labourer          Wexham - Buckinghamshire

Keziah Willmott               wife           35                                             Chippenham - Buckinghamshire

Richard Willmott              son            10       Scholar                        Upton - Buckinghamshire

Robert Willmott                son            7               "                             Datchet - Buckinghamshire

Harriet Willmott                dau            1                                                                      "

Mary Beesley                     M/inlaw    69                                           Farnham Royal - Buckinghamshire


****  1871 CENSUS:    High Street - Dorking - Surrey - England

NAME                                 STATIS    AGE    OCCUPATION           BIRTHPLACE

Thomas Offer                    head          70        Retired Poulterer     - Gloucestershire

Jane Offer                          wife           51                                               London - Middlesex

Harriet Willmott                serv          21       Domestic servant      Datchet - Buckinghamshire   




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