Arthur Joseph Warby was born, on 22nd November 1897 in Stourbridge, to parents Arthur Robert and Maria Warby. Arthur and Maria were living in High Street in the parish of Brierley Hill, England when Arthur was Baptized on 9th January 1898. Arthur came from a family of Grocers and his Grandfather Robert, father Arthur, Uncles Lawson, William, Harry and Ernest were all known to have followed this profession. Arthur Joseph became an Electrician.

          On the 30th of July 1921 Arthur Joseph Warby married Florence Jessie Adams (Florrie) daughter of Charles and Annie Adams at the Registry Office in Stourbridge. Arthur and Florrie married at Stourbridge and the marriage was witnessed by Doris M. Adams and James Weaver. Arthur was living at 6 Harrison Road, Brettell Lane, Kingswinford and Florrie was living at 20 Hall Street, Oldswinford at the time of their marriage. Arthur's occupation was Electrician of Iron Works and Florrie was a machinist at the Skin Rug Works. Arthur's father had turned to being a Commercial Traveler and Florrie's father was a House Painter and Decorator.

          Arthur died on 21st February 1973 at the age of seventy six. The cause of death is recorded as Coronary Thrombosis, Arteriosclerosis and Chronic Bronchitis. His son Kenneth Frank Warby was the informant. Arthur was living at 12 Burnham Court at the time of his death.

Death Certificate for Arthur Joseph Warby d.1973




                               ARTHUR JOSEPH WARBY (1897-1973) married FLORENCE JESSIE ADAMS (Florrie) (1901-    )

                                                    a)  ARTHUR WARBY (1927-    ) married JUNE ROSE EDMEAD(Rose) (19  -    )

                                                    b)  MARGARET OLIVE WARBY (1922-2004) married JOHN THOMAS WALKER(Jack) (1922-    )

                                                    c)  KENNETH FRANK WARBY(Ken) (    -    ) married BARBARA BURTON (    -    )

                                                    d)  ROBERT CHARLES WARBY  (    -    ) married MARY UNKNOWN (    -     )

                                                    e)  MICHAEL WARBY  (    -    ) married MARGARET BURTON (    -    )












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