I have long held a fascination for true 'Crime Stories' from a very different view from that of catching the perpetrator and bringing him/her to justice. Jack The Ripper has never been identified and it is highly probable that he or she will remain a mystery for eternity. My interest lies in being an amateur genealogist who stumbled across a lady in the census records who's name seemed to ring a bell. I wondered why. My research into her name revealed that in later years she became a 'Jack The Ripper' victim. This lead me to wonder how easy it would be to locate other names associated with the 'Jack the Ripper' investigation. I obtained names from the police records and through the various individual accounts of the crimes said to be carried out by 'Jack The Ripper' in 1888 and the United Kingdom Census Records. It is very important to remember that no one has been convicted of these terrible crimes and therefore all suspects are innocent in the eyes of the law.

          What really fascinated me the most was the fact that our Bethnal Green early Wairarapa Settler families once walked the very streets that 'Jack' stalked in later years. The family members that stayed behind and remained in Bethnal Green must have lived with the horrible day to day fear of having the unknown Whitechapel Killer, Jack the Ripper, living amongst them. For many, as there were many suspect 'Jacks', he may have been their brother, father or son. She may even have been their daughter, mother or sister because one suspect was female. What is known is that the victim's were someone's daughters & in some cases someone's wives and mothers. I do not plan to tell the story of 'Jack' or his victims as it is a very well documented history but will briefly touch on who the people are and how they are connected to  'Jack The Ripper' and then follow the families through the census records.

          For those who are not familiar with the history, or need a refresher course, you will find a very informative history at the following site: Casebook - Jack The Ripper  http://www.casebook.org/intro.html . This site covers the history of the crimes & provides pictures and the history of the suspects,the victims and the officials who where involved in this true life drama.


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