Arthur Warby             Margaret Warby            Kenneth Warby           Michael Warby            

 (a) Unknown (    -    ) married  Unknown (    -    )

        (b) Unknown (    -    ) married  Unknown (    -    )

               (c) Unknown (    -    ) married  Unknown (    -    )

                       (d) Benjamin Warby (1801-     ) married  Susan Unknown (1802-    ) * see census below

                                (e) Benjamin Warby (1822-    ) married 1844 Emma Elizabeth Kennedy (1823-    ) * see census below

                                       (f) Eliza Warby (1865-    )

                                       (f) Jessie Warby (1867-    )

                                (e) Elizabeth Warby (1832 -    ) married 1865  Thomas Lines (1805-    )

                                         NOTE: Elizabeth Warby was Thomas Lines second wife - first wife was also an Elizabeth

                                (e) Robert Warby (1834-1889) married  Mary Unknown (1831-1906) * see census below

                                       (f) Arthur Robert  Warby (1861-1936) Christened 1866 married 1889  Maria Deeley (1863-    ) * see cenus below

                                               (g) Beatrice Donna Warby (1890-    ) married 1909  Unknown (    -    )

                                               (g) Frank Warby (1898-    )

                                               (g) Harry Warby (1899-    )

                                               (g) Gladys Mary Warby (1895-    )

                                               (g) Robert Frank Warby (1892-    )

                                               (g) Arthur Joseph Warby (1897-1973) married  Florence Jessie Adams (    -    )

                                                       (h) Margaret Olive (Peg) Warby (    -    ) married  John Thomas (Jack) Walker (Walker Tree Two)(1922-2006)

                                                                 (i) Margaret and John's children under Combined Walker Tree Two

                                                       (h) Kenneth (Ken) Warby (    -    )

                                                       (h) Robert (Bob) Warby (    -    )

                                                       (h) Michael (Mike) Warby (    -    )

                                                       (h) Arthur (Art) Warby (1927-    ) married  June Rose (Rose) Edmead (1930-    ) Father and Mother In-law

                                                              (i) Anthony Arthur (Tony) Warby (1950-    ) my husband married  (1) Lynne Franks (    -    )

                                                                                                   (About Me)  Author & Webmaster  married 1976  (2) Joanne Claire (Jo) Warby (1955-    )

                                                                     (Children from Anthony and Lynne's marriage)

                                                                     (j) Donna Lynne Warby (1971-    ) married  Michael (Mike) Pardy (1970-    )

                                                                             (k) Charlotte Pardy (1997-    )

                                                                             (k) William Pardy (2000-    ) 

                                                                     (Children from Anthony and Joanne's marriage)

                                                                     (j) David Anthony Warby (1977-    )  (my son)  partner  (1) Unlisted (1977-    )

                                                                                                                                                  married 2005 (2) Rebecca (Bec) Wooster (1978-    )

                                                                              (Children from David and Unlisted relationship)

                                                                             (k) Alex Stanley Warby (1999-    )

                                                                             (k) Dylan James Warby (2000-    )

                                                                              (Children from David and Rebecca's marriage)

                                                                             (k) Thomas Oliver Jeremy (Tom) Warby (1995-    )

                                                                             (k) Joshua Lucas Warby (2007-    )

                                                             (i) Brian Warby (1951-    ) married  Marilyn (    -    )

                                                                     (j) Catherine Warby (    -   ) married 2007  Lee Edwards (    -    )

                                                                     (j) Stephen Warby (    -    )

                                                             (i) Living Female (1954-    )  married  Living Martin

                                                             (i) Kevin Terence Warby (1961-    ) married  Ruth Pickerall (    -    )

                                                                    (j) Laura Warby (    -    )

                                                                    (j) Lucy Warby (    -    )

                                                                    (j) Rosie Warby (    -    )

                                                                    (j) Olivia Warby (    -    )

                                                             (i) Sheila Dianne Warby (1963-    ) married  Darren Rock (    -    )

                                                             (i) Trevor  Robert Warby (1966-    ) married  Wendy Ward (    -    )

                                                                    (j) Leigh Warby (    -    )

                                                                    (j) Jake Warby (    -    )

                                        (f) William Warby (1854-    ) * see brothers census below

                                        (f) John Henry Warby (1865-1930) Christened 1866 married  (1) Margaret Unknown (    -    ) * see cenus below

                                                                                                                                        married 1891 ?   (2) Mary Ann Unknown (    -    )

                                                (Children from John and Margaret's marriage)

                                                (g) John Robert Warby (1881-1883)

                                                (Children from John and Mary Ann's marriage)

                                                (g) Percival (Percy) Warby (1883-1973) married 1909  Unknown (    -    )

                                                (g) Arthur Warby (1884-1884)

                                                (g) Elizabeth Mary Warby (1887-    ) Ch 30th July 1890

                                                (g) Rose Hilda Warby (1890-1890) Ch 30th July 1890

                                                (g) George Edward Warby (1891-1904)

                                                (g) Sidney Harold Warby (1895-1918)

                                        (f) Mary Ann Warby (1859-    ) Christened 1866

                                        (f) Elizabeth (Bessie) Warby (1862-1945?) Christened 1866

                                        (f) Harry Warby (1865/6-    )

                                        (f) Ernest James Warby (1867-1936) married 1891  Lizzie Emma Price ?(1868-1954)

                                               (g) Nellie Beatrice Warby (1892-    ) married 1917 Unknown Warner (    -    )

                                               (g) Ernest Harold Warby (1896-1954)

                                        (f) Lawson Thomas Warby (1871-1935) married 1895  Anne Maria Barker (1872-1959)

                                               (g) Edward (Cyril) Warby (1898-1977)

                                               (g) Jack (or John) Warby (    -    )

                                               (g) Edna Warby (    -    )

                                               (g) Charles Ronald Warby (    -    ) married  Vera Unknown (abt.1918-    )

                                                      (h) Linda Warby (    -    ) married  Unknown Harry (    -    )

                                        (f) Emma Warby (1864-1864?)

                                 (e) Emma Warby (1842-bef 1871) married 1866  Henry Targett (abt 1840-    )

                                          After Emma died Henry remarried to Eleanor (aka Helena) and had further children.

                                 (e) John Warby (1837-    ) married (1) Harriet Unknown (abt 1833-    ) * see census below

                                                                                   married (2) Sarah Unknown (    -     )

                                        (Children from John and Harriet's marriage)

                                        (f) Ada Warby (1861-    )

                                        (f) James B. Warby (1862-    )

                                        (f) Eliza Warby (1865-    )

                                        (f) Harry Warby (1867-    )

                                        (f) Alice Warby (1870-    )

                                        (Children from John and Sarah's marriage)

                                        (f) Hannah Warby (1877-    )

                                        (f) Ann M Warby (1878-    )

                                        (f) Sarah Warby (1881-    )



(d) Benjamin Warby (1801-    ) was married to Susan. This is not confirmed that this is the 'right' family but a presumption is being made, on dates, that both (e) Emma Warby (1841-bef1871) and (e)Robert Warby (1834-1889) are the same people on the 1851 Census **(see below) for Tottenham and the 1861 Census ***(see below) for Tottenham.

(e) Benjamin Warby (1822-    ) is not yet confirmed as belong to 'our' family either but once again dates and places names in common would indicate that he is a possible relative. Rather than leave him out I am going to add him to the tree in the hope I can confirm his rightful place on our tree or remove him from it. I have a record for Benjamin Warby son of Benjamin and Susanna as having been Christened on the 14th April 1822 in St Andrews Church, Enfield, London. In the ***** 1881 Census (see below) for New Street - Wombridge - Shropshire he is recorded as being a Cordwainer by trade aged 59. He was born in Enfield and his children were born in Tottenham and Quarry Bank, Staffordshire. Dates indicate that Benjamin moved from London to Staffordshire around the same time that Robert and John Warby and their brother in-law, Henry Targett , moved up into the Midlands District.

(e) Robert Warby (1834-1889) born in Tottenham, London. His occupation was that of a 'Grocer Assistant' in London on the night of the 1851 Census **(see below) .Robert continued in this line of work all his life. He is recorded in the 1861 Census *** (see below)as living at 8 Cold Bath Square, Clerkenwell, London. His sister (e) Emma Warby (1841-bef1871) aged 19 is living with the family when this Census was taken. Robert, Mary and their family moved to Brierley Hill around 1861-62 as their daughter Elizabeth's birth was recorded in Stourbridge Registration District in 1861. When the 1881 Census ***** (see below) was taken Robert and Mary were living at 39 High Street, Breirley Hill. Robert's occupation was still that of a Grocer. His birth place was given as Tottenham and Mary's was given as Shadwell. Mary gave her birth place in the 1861 Census as St George East, Middlesex. 

     WILLS:- The Probate Registry Indexes lists Robert Warby of High Street, Brierley Hill death as the 10th October 1889. He left his estate, valued at Two Hundred and Fifty Five pounds to his widow, Mary Warby. Robert was aged 55 at the time of his death. Mary died on 12th november 1906 aged 75 and gives her address as being 392 Aston Lane, Witton, Birmingham at the time of her death. Probate of her estate was valued as One Thousand, Two Hundred and Eighteen Pounds and Thirteen Shillings and Six Pence. This was granted to her son Arthur Warby (Grocer) in 1907.

(e) Elizabeth Warby (1832-    ) married Thomas Lines (1805-    ) in the December quarter of 1865 in the Edmonton District of London. This was Thomas Lines second marriage. His first marriage, also to an Elizabeth, appears to have born no children as did his second marriage. Thomas's occupation through the census records lists his occupation as Farm Baliff. He was born in Eydon, Northamptonshire, England. In the 1871 census Thomas and Elizabeth (nee Warby) Lines (his second younger wife) have listed with them Elizabeth Emma Targett aged 3. She was the daughter of Elizabeth's sister, Emma who had married Henry Targett. Emma died in 1869 at a young age leaving henry to raise a small child. It appears that Elizabeth may have helped raised her sister's child for a time. Henry remarried in 1873 and little Elizabeth Emma Targett, now 13, is living with her father and stepmother when the 1881 census is recorded.

(e) Emma Warby (1842-bef1871) was listed as a sister in the 1861 census visiting her brother Robert Warby at 8 Cold Bath Street, Clerkenwell. Also listed as an assistant is 19 year old Henry Tarrat who was born in St George's District of London. I believe Henry and Emma meet when when she was visiting her brother Robert. There is a 19 year old Henry Tarrat (or mistranscribed as Tarial) listed under the 1861 Census as a Grocer's Assistant to Robert Warby. In all following census returns there is no Henry Tarial or Tarret - and it is the only year there is no appropriate lisitng for Henry Targett. It is a known fact that Henry Targett went on to run his own Grocery business in the Midlands. It appears that Henry and Emma travelled up to into the Midlands prior to 1869 as Emma is recorded as having died in the Dudley Registration District in the December quarter in 1869. Emma and Henry had only two children, Elizabeth and Frank. It appears that Frank died aged 1 but Elizabeth married Thomas Taylor In the June quarter of 1889 in Stourbridge Registration District, Staffordshire, England. They raised a small family of their own as can be found in the 1891 & 1901 Census returns for England. The young widowed Henry Targett remarried to Eleanor Davies in the Stourbridge Registration District in the December quarter of 1873 and they had children who can be found in the 1881 Census returns.  

   (f) William Warby (1854-    ) had his birth registered in the Edmonton District Jan-Mar quarter 1854. He appears on the 1881 Census ***** (see below) as a Bacon & Cheese Dealer living with his brother John and family at 155 Highfield, Eccleshall Bierlow, Yorkshire. He also appears on the 1901 Census ****** (see below) as a Grocer still living with his brother John and family but at 117 Club Garden Road, Eccleshall Bierlow, Yorkshire.

    (f) John Warby (1856-1930) had his birth registered in the Edmonton District Jan-Mar quarter 1856. His death was reqistered in Eccleshall Bierlow District Apr-June quarter 1930. John married Margaret and Mary Ann. He appears on the 1881 Census ***** (see below) as living with wife Margaret and son, John Warby, aged 1 week (died 1883) ,at 155 Highfield, Eccleshall, Yorkshire. Brother William Warby is also listed as living with John. In the 1901 Census ******(see below) John is living with wife Mary Ann and four children at 117 Club Garden Road, Eccleshall Bierlow, Yorkshire. In 1881 he is said to be a Bacon & Cheese Dealer and in 1901 his occupation is that of a Grocer.

     (f) Mary Ann Warby (1859) had her birth registered in the Clerkenwell District, London Apr-June quarter 1859. No further information has been traced for Mary Ann.

    (f) Arthur Robert Warby (1861-1936) had his birth registered in the Clerkenwell District Apr-June quarter 1862. Arthur was commonly known as Robert. He married Maria Deeley in 1889. Maria was the daughter of Francis (Frank) Deeley and Martha fellows. Robert is listed as father of the groom when son Arthur Joseph Warby (1897) married Florrie Jessie Adams on the 13th July 1921.  When his mother , Mary, died in 1906 (aged 75) Arthur was granted Probate of her Estate valued at 1,218 pounds 13 shillings & sixpence. Arthur's occupation was that of Grocer in 1907. His death was registered in Birmigham District Jan-Mar quarter 1936. Arthur is listed on the 1881 Census *****(see below)

    (f) Elizabeth Warby (1862) had her birth registered in Stourbridge District Oct-Dec quarter 1862. Her death was registered in Sutton Coldfield District Oct-Dec quarter 1945. She was unmarried. Elizabeth appears on the 1881 Census (Bessie) as aged 18 and living at 39 Hight Street, Kingswinford with her parents. In the 1901 Census (see below) she is living at 392 Aston Lane, Handsworth, Birmingham aged 38, unmarried and is living with her wodowed mother, Mary who is aged 69.

    (f) Harry Warby (1866) has no traced birth registration district.  He appears on the 1881 Census aged 15 at 39 High Street, Kingswinford. His occupation is given as Grocer Assistant. 

     (f)Ernest James Warby (1867-1936) had his birth registered in Stourbridge District Apr-June quarter 1867. His death was registered Sutton Coldfield districJul-Sep quarter 1936. Ernest married Lizzie Emma in 1891. In 1881 Ernest occupation was given as Grocers Assistant aged 13 living at 39 High Street, Kingswinford with his parents. In 1901 aged 33 his occupation was that of Grocer living at 127 Nechells Park Road, Aston, Birmingham.

    (f) Lawson Thomas Warby (1871-1935) birth was registered in Stourbridge District Apr-Jun quarter 1871. His death was registered in Sheffield District Jul-Sep quarter 1935. He married Annie Marie Barker (1872-1959) in 1895. In the 1881 Census he was aged 9 living at 39 High Street, Kingswinford and in 1901 he was aged 29 living at 81 Langsett Road, Nether Hallam, Sheffield with his wife and family.

HELP: There was another Lawson Thomas Warby born in the September quarter 1882 in Eccleshall B. Can anyone place who's son he was? Was he possibly the son of John Warby & his first wife Margaret ?




**1851 CENSUS:   Forsters - Brickfield - Holy Trinity -Tottenham - Middlesex

NAME                                   STATIS        AGE               OCCUPATION              BIRTHPLACE

Benjamin Warby              head             50                  Brickmaker                  Waltham Abbet - Essex

Susan Warby                     wife              51                                                         Enfield - Surrey

Elizabeth Warby               dau               19                  Household servant    Tottenham - London

Robert Warby                   son               16                  Grocers Assistant      Tottenham - London

Ann Warby                        dau               11                   Scholar                         Tottenham - London

Emma Warby                    dau               9                         "                                 Tottenham - London



***** 1881 CENSUS:  New street - Wombridge - Shropshire - England

NAME                                  STATIS         AGE               OCCUPATION             BIRTHPLACE

Benjamin Warby             head             59                  Cordwainer                 Enfield - MDX

Emma Warby                   wife              58                                                         London Eauston Sq - London- MDX

Eliza Warby                      dau                16                                                        Tottenham - MDX

Jessie Warby                   dau                14                                                        Quarry Bank - Staffordshire


**** 1871 CENSUS:  67 Bumble Hole - Darby End - Netherton - Dudley - Worc

NAME                               STATIS           AGE               OCCUPATION            BIRTHPLACE

John warby                    head                35                  Lic Victualler            London

Harriet Warby               wife                 38                                                      Berkshire

Ada Warby                     dau                  10                 Scholar                       London

James Warby                son                    8                                                        "

Eliza Warby                    dau                   6                                                        "

Harry Warby                  son                   4                                                         "

Alice Warby                   dau                   1                                                          "

Ann Gates                      ser                   18                 Domestic Servant    Dudley - Worc


****** 1891 CENSUS:  5 Oak Street 'British Oak' Public House - Netherton - Worcestershire

NAME                                 STATIS          AGE            OCCUPATION             BIRTHPLACE

John Warby                     head               53               Lic Victualler              Tottenham - MDX

Sarah Warby                   wife                42                                                      Rowley Regis - Staff

Alice Warby                     dau                 21                                                      Dudley - Wors

Ann M  Warby                  dau                 13              Scholar                         Dudley - Wors

Sarah M Warby                dau                 10              Scholar                         Dudley - Wors

Mary A  Warby                dau                  5                Scholar                         Dudley - Wors


*** 1861 CENSUS:  8 Cold Bath Square - Clerkenwell - Tottenham - Middlesex

NAME                                   STATIS        AGE               OCCUPATION             BIRTHPLACE

Robert Warby                   head             26                  Grocer                         Tottenham - Middlesex

Mary Warby                       wife              30                                                        St George East - Middlesex

Mary Warby                       dau               2                                                          Clerkenwell - Middlesex

Emma Warby                    sister           19                                                        Tottenham - Middlsex

Henry Tarrab                    servant        19                   Assistant                                                                    (NOTE: this is probably meant to be Henry Targett)                  

M Church                            lodger           36                   Needlewoman                                                                 (widow)


***** 1881 CENSUS: 39 High Street - Brierley Hill - Staffordshire

NAME                                   STATIS         AGE             OCCUPATION               BIRTHPLACE

Robert Warby                  head              46                Grocer                           Tottenham - Middlesex

Mary Warby                      wife               50                                                        Shadwell - Middlesex

Arthur Warby                   son                19                Grocers Assistant      Brierley Hill - Staffordshire

Bessy Warby                    dau                18                                                        Brierley Hill - Staffordshire

Harry Warby                     son                15                Grocers Assistant      Brierley Hill - Staffordshire

Ernest Warby                   son                13                Grocers Assistant       Brierley Hill - Staffordshire

Lawson Thomas Warby  son                9                                                           Brierley Hill - Staffordshire

(Bessy is Elizabeth)                  


***** 1881 CENSUS:  155 Highfield Road - Ecclesall Bierlow - Yorkshire

NAME                                   STATIS         AGE              OCCUPATION                       BIRTHPLACE

John Warby                       head              25                Bacon & Cheese Dealer     Tottenham - Middlesex

Margaret Warby               wife               22                                                                 Clerkenwell - Middlesex

John Warby                       son                 1wk                                                              Sheffield - Yorkshire

William Warby                  brother          27               Bacon & Cheese Dealer     Tottenham - Middlesex

(John has his wife named as Margaret in 1881 but his wife is Mary Ann in 1891 & 1901 Census. It is possible that Margaret died in/after childbirth in 1881 and that John then married Mary Ann. John & Margaret's son, also John, died in 1883)

 ****** 1901 CENSUS:  117 Club Garden Road - Eccleshall Bierlow - Yorkshire

NAME                                   STATIS         AGE              OCCUPATION                       BIRTHPLACE

John Warby                      head              45                 Grocer                                    Tottenham - Middlesex

Mary Ann Warby             wife                43

Percy Warby                    son                 17                 Grocers Assistant               Seffield - Yorkshire

Elizabeth Mary Warby   dau                 13                                                                 Sheffield - Yorkshire

George E Warby              son                  9                                                                   Sheffield - Yorkshire

Sidney H Warby              son                   6                                                                   Sheffield - Yorkshire

William Warby                brother           47                Grocer                                    Tottenham - Middlesex

Rose Batty                       servant           22               Domestic Servant             


*****1891 CENSUS:  Kingswinford - Brierley Hill

NAME                                   STATIS        AGE               OCCUPATION             BIRTHPLACE

Arthur Robert Warby      Head            29                  Grocer                          London - Middlesex

Maria Warby                      wife              28                                                        Brierley Hill - Staffordshire 

Lawson Thomas Warby   brother       19                  Grocer Assistant       Brierley Hill - Staffordshire

Beatrice Donna Warby    dau              1                                                          Brierley Hill - Staffordshire    

For any additions or corrections please email jowarby@bigpond.net.au and I will be happy to make any changes.







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