This photograph has been kindly sent to me by Cecily Rust (grand-daughter of Frederick William Tacon b.1849). Cecily said Frederick was living in Australia and it is thought the photograph was sent to Frederick from a relative in NZ....I think it is possibly from his brother Robert Tacon (my 2x Gt Grandfather)and wife Ann(a) Marie Double. The home was known as 'Hillcote'.....can anyone tell us who lived at 'Hillcote' and positively identify the people in the photograph for us please...........?



William (Bill) Robert Tacon (1922-    ) 


(a) Unknown (    -    ) married  Unknown (    -    ) (6x Gt Grandparents)

       (b) Unknown (    -    ) married Unknown (    -    ) (5x Gt Grandparents)

              (c) (Mayor of Eye- UK) Richard Tacon (1767-1832) married  Mary Unknown (1778-1836) (4x Gt Grandparents)

                (d) Richard Tacon (1800-1886) Brewer

                      (d) Charles Tacon (1803-1881) married  Mary Ann Girling (    -1860)

                            (e) Charles Tacon (1833-1909) see Tacon Photograph

                            (e) (Sir) Thomas Henry Tacon (1838-1922) married  Catherine Elizabeth (Kate) Brewer (1846-1927)

                                                see Tacon Album for painting of Catherine Tacon (nee Brewer)

                                    (f) Kate Constance Tacon (1872-    )

                                    (f) Harriet Bertha Tacon (1876-    )

                                    (f) Maude Mary Tacon (1881-1952)

                            (e) (Reverend) Richard John Tacon (1845-1929) married Caroline Ballard Pitt (1857-1921)

                                    (f) Ethel Safford Tacon (1879-1952) married  Francis Atherley Winn-Andrew (    -    )

                                    (f) Mabel Dacre Tacon (1880-1903) married  Edward Percy Muskett (    -    )

                                    (f) Richard Charles Tacon (1881-1934)

                                    (f) Waveney Pitt Tacon (1882-1954)

                                    (f) Caroline Ada Tacon (1884-1967) married Henry Edmund Symes Thompson (    -    ) MA, MD

                                    (f) Dudley George Tomline Tacon (1887-1972) married Pauline Evans (    -    )

                                    (f) Thomas Henry  Warcup Tacon (1890-1973) married  Muriel Gowing (    -    )

                                    (f) Ernest John  Ballard Tacon (1894-1917) died WW1 2nd LT - Lancashire Hussars - Yeomanry

                 (d) John Tacon (1804-    ) married Elizabeth Unknown (   -   )*see Thomas Sutton's Census below

                      (d) William Henry Tacon esq (1811-    ) married Sophia J E Unknown (poss Spelman?) (1816-    ) see census below *

                              (e) Anna Spelman Tacon (1841-    ) married abt 1887  James Richard Garrould (1839-1906)

                                   They had no children of their own but cared for three of Jane's children (Henrietta, Ethelwyn & Alice) after her death in 1887

                              (e) Marianne Spelman Tacon (    -    )

                              (e) Jane Spelman Tacon (1844-1887) married 1869 William Flowers (    -    )

                                       (f) Jane and William's children under Flower Combined Trees

                      (d) Emma Tacon (1819-    ) married  Thomas Halme Sutton (1819-    ) *see Thomas Sutton's Cenus below

                      (d) Eliza Anne Tacon (1821-    ) married Gabriel Riches (1819-    ) * See Thomas Sutton's Census below

                      (d) Mary Tacon (    -    )

                      (d) Robert Tacon (1807-1873)  UK-NZ married  Anne Whiting (1811-    ) (3x Gt Grandparents)

                      (e) Richard Eclipse Tacon (1844-    ) married  Johanna Buckley (    -    ) UK-New Zealand

                                     (f) Denis Buckley Tacon (    -    )

                                     (f) Mary Tacon (1887-1941) married  William Urquhart (    -    )

                                     (f) Kathleen Anne Tacon (1901-    ) married  John Diggle (    -    )

                                     (f) Ernest Richard Tacon (1889-1976) married  Margaret Ann Arnott (    -1948)

                                           (g) Richard Henry Tacon (1916-1976) married  Elsie Joan Nicholls (    -    )

                                                    (h) L  A  Tacon (    -    )

                                                    (h) R  M  Tacon (    -    )

                                           (g) Ernest William (Bill) Tacon (1917-2003) married  (1) Clare Keating (    -    )

                                                                                                                                              (2) Bernadine Leamy (    -    )

                                           (g) Margaret Moncur Tacon (1919-    ) married  John Shinnick (Jack) Hastings (    -    )

                                           (g) Peter Arnott Tacon (1923-    ) married  Madeline Abrahams (    -    ) HELP

                                                  (h) K  Tacon (    -    ) UK-NZ?

                                                  (h) M  Tacon (    -    ) UK-NZ?

                                                  (h) W  Tacon (    -    ) UK-NZ?

                                           (g) J  M  Tacon (1926-    ) married  Bryan Joseph Cameron (    -    )

                                           (g) A  T  Tacon (1931-    ) married  (1) Patrick Hanley (    -1979)

                                                                                                           (2) Anthony Hook (    -    )

                                           (g) P  R  Tacon (1933-    ) married  T  J  Maher (    -    )

                                           (g) B  J  Tacon (1931-    ) Sister of Mercy

                                           (g) John Denis Tacon (1924-1947) missing in a plane crash

                            (e) Horatio (Horace) Robert Tacon (1833-    )

                            (e) Selina Ann Tacon (1835-    ) married 1866  Edward Gillet Gilbert (1841-    )

                            (e) Ellen Mary Tacon (1840-    )

                            (e) Eliza Helen Tacon (1842-1905) married  John Grist (1824-1876)

                            (e) (Architect) Henry Lewis Tacon (1846-    ) married  Kate Unknown (    -    )

                                     (f) Blanche Kate Tacon (    -    )

                                     (f) Louis Mitchell Tacon (    -    )

                                     (f) William L Tacon (    -    )

                            (e) Frederick William Tacon (1849-1910) married 1876 Alice Louisa Pulford (1857-    ) UK-AUST

                                     (f) Robert George Pulford Tacon (1877-1929) married  Isabella McIntosh

                                     (f) Russell Harvey Frederick Tacon (    -    ) married  Amy Florence Pelling

                                             (g) I  Tacon (    -    )  (never married)

                                             (g) B  Tacon (    -    ) married  Rev. Walton (    -    )

                                             (g) G Tacon (    -    ) married  Unknown (    -    )

                                                      (h) (Barrister) R  Tacon (    -    )

                                             (g) I  Tacon (    -     )

                                             (g) B  Tacon (    -    ) (never married)

                                     (f) Francis Ronald Tacon (    -in UK)

                                     (f) Gerald Harvey Tacon (    -1932) married  Elsie Haythorpe (    -    )

                                             (g) Harvey Tacon (    -    )

                                             (g) Edward Linsay (    -    )

                                             (g) Valerie Tacon (    -2005) married  Unknown (    -    )

                                                     (g) J  Unknown (    -    )

                                     (f) Edith Alice Pulford Tacon (    -in Uk)

                                     (f) Unknown Tacon (    -infancy)

                                     (f) Unknown Tacon (    -infancy)

                                     (f) Unknown Tacon (    -infancy)

                                     (f) Helen Mary Tacon (1896-    )

                            (e) Joseph John Tacon (1840-    ) married  Ellen Lublin (    -1904) UK-NZ-AUST

                                     (f) George Lublin Tacon (1872-    )

                                     (f) Herbert Tacon (    -    )

                                     (f) Violet May Tacon (1877-1971) married  Thomas Cheesman (    -    )

                                     (f) Ernest Francis Tacon (    -    ) 

                            (e) Robert Tacon (1845-1918) married  Ann(a) Marie Double (1851-1934) (2x Gt Grandparents)UK-NZ

                                     (f) Ellen Matilda Tacon (1872-    )

                                     (f) Alice Elizabeth Tacon (1876-1876) died 7 mths old - see Newspaper article below

                                     (f) William Tacon (1874-1875) died at 12 months old see clipping below

                                     (f) Alice Annie Tacon (1878-1953) married  Samuel Wham (   -   )

                                     (f) Robert Tacon (1881-1958) married 1919  Jessie Moffat (1879-1940)

                                            (g) Hilda May  Tacon (1920-    ) married 1954  Herbert William James Smith (    -1980)

                                            (g) William Robert Tacon (1922-    ) married 1946  Edna Irene Verdon (    -    )

                                                     (h) J R  Tacon (1948-    ) married 1969  J  L  Graham (    -    )

                                                             (i) C Tacon (1969-    ) married 1998  L  K  George (    -    )

                                                                     (j) M  C  Tacon (1994-    )

                                                                     (j) D  T  Tacon (1999-    )

                                                                     (j) A  L  Tacon (2003-    )

                                                             (i) N  R Tacon (1970-    ) married  A  Hodder (    -    ) see HELP below

                                                                     (j) J  R  Tacon (2003-    )

                                                             (i) J  B  Tacon (1974-    )

                                                     (h) D  W  Tacon (1950-    ) married 1971  A M  Pattinson (1951-    )

                                                             (i) S-A Tacon (1971-    )

                                                             (i) M  D  Tacon (1977-    )

                                                             (i) B  W  Tacon (1977-    )

                                                     (h) P L  Tacon (1952-    ) married  D  Middleton (    -    )

                                                             (i) R  J  Tacon (1975-    )

                                                             (i) N  J  Tacon (1977-    )            

                                     (f) Ann Tacon (1885-    )

                                     (f) John Tacon (1884/87-    )

                                     (f) Nellie Marie Tacon (1872-1935) married  William Foster (    -    )

                                     (f) Elizabeth Tacon (1869-1908) married  William F. Potts (    -1941)

                                     (f) Charles William Tacon (1871-1954) married           (1) Elizabeth Lower (    -    )

                                                                                                             married 1896  (2) Eliza Ellery (1878-1926) (Gt Grandparents)

                                           (Children from Charles and Eliza's marriage)

                                           (g) Evelyn Ellery Tacon (1897-1969) married 1917  Walter Henery Hooper (1885-1959) (Grandparents)

                                                     (h)  Evelyn and Walter's children under Hooper Combined Trees

                                           (g) Jessie May Tacon (1899-    ) married 1919  Percy Wright (    -    )

                                           (g) Rosie Annie Tacon (1902-1918)

                                           (g) Amos Arthur Tacon (1903-1984)  married  Kathleen Freda Christopherson (    -    )

                                           (g) Dorothy Ethel Tacon (1905-1923)

                                           (g) Thursa Ellen Tacon (1906-1907)

                                           (g) Thelma Lila Tacon (1908-1999) married  Arthur William Hooper (1904/5-1980)

                                                      (h) Thelma and Arthur's children under Hooper Combined Trees

                                           (g) Henry Charles Tacon (1913-1980) married 1943  Irene Mary Wilson (    -    )



(d) Richard Tacon (1800-1886) was born in Hinton, Suffolk in 1800. He was a brewer at the Tacon Brewery in Eye, Suffolk working along side his brothers. Richard died on the 16th December 1886.

(d) Charles Tacon (1803-1881) was listed in the 1881 Census as a Brewer living with his two sons, Charles & Thomas, in the 'Mansion House' in Lambseth Square in Eye, Suffolk, England.

(e) Charles Tacon (1833-1909) was born in Wrentham on the 30th August 1833. He was a Solicitor in 1851 Census and he was living with his Uncle Richard at Redisham, Suffolk and was a Solicitor's Article Clerk. By 1861 he had become a Solicitor and was still residing with his Uncle Richard Tacon in his Wissett 'Red House". By 1871 he was living with his father,also Charles, in the Mansion House, in Lambseth Street, Eye, Suffolk and was listed as being a Solicitor and Land Owner. Charles was the Mayor of Eye for nine successive years from 1895-1905. See Tacon Album for a portrait painted of him in his robes as Mayor of Eye. Charles held many public offices. He was said to be a wealthy and very generous man and gave money to many deserving causes including a new bell tower for the Town Hall in 1897. Charles bought the Eye Brewery from Richard Cobbold.

(e) Sir Thomas Henry Tacon (1838-1922) was born on the 14th March 1838. He was a Solicitor and Land Owner. He married Catherine Elizabeth Brewer. See Tacon Album for a painted portrait of Catherine. Catherine was known as 'Kate' and was born in Occold, Suffolk, England. Thomas and Catherine's youngest daughter lived at Brome Hall and on her death in 1952 the Hall was demolished and the lands sold. There still exists a house on this site called 'Brome Hall' but this was built after 1952. See Tacon Album for a photograph of Brome Hall prior to it's demolition and a 1708-49 print. Brome Hall in the County of Suffolk, at that time, was one of the Seats of the Rt Honble Charles Lord Cornwallis - Baron of Eye & Lord Lt of the said County. Sir Thomas and Kate had three daughters, Kate Constance, Harriet Bertha and Maude Mary. Sir Thomas died on the 19th February 1922 and Kate died on the 19th January 1927.

(e) Richard John Tacon (1847-1929) was the Rector of Rollesby Church for sixty years. The medievalisation of this church was paid for by the Tacon brewing Family. The gift of six hundred and fifty seven pounds a year (todays equivalent of one hund and thirty thousand pounds) was in the hands of the Tacon family and in 1872 Richard was the current owner and presented himself to the living. He transformed the interior of St George's Church and because of Richard St George has a large collection of Victoria glass windows. John married Caroline Ballard Pitt. She was born on the 4th Oct 1857 to parents John Ballard Pitt and his wife Jane. John Ballard Pitt (Jane's father) was born in Highley, Shropshire but in the 1871 Census he was living in St Stephens Street, Mancroft, Norfolk and is a Surgeon F.R.C.S. of England. Caroline Tacon (nee Pitt) was born in Scarning, Norfolk as was her brother Richard W Pitt.

(e) Anna Spelman Tacon (1841-    ) and her husband, James Richard Garrould raised three of Anna's nieces. Anna's sister, Jane, died from an illness in 1887 after she had travelled to Cookley to help with arrangements for Anna's wedding to James. Jane left behind seven young children and her husband, William Flower, was too ill himself to care for the children at this time (see newspaper article below). James and Anna lived at Hill House Farm were James worked along side his father. In 1891 he took over the running of the farm of 455 acres and was employing twelve men and three boys.

(e) Selina Ann Tacon (1835-    ) was Christened on the 14th April 1835 in Wissett, Suffolk, England. On the 1st February 1866 she married Edward Gillet Gilbert. He was a General Practioner and was born in 1841 in Harleston, Norfolk, England. They had five children, Claude E, Frank, Henry U, Leonard and Urban B.

HELP  ..... Does the A. Hodder (married to (i) NR Tacon born 1970 in tree above) belong to this HODDER FAMILY  and if so could some one please tell me the connection ?


An email sent from 'Gary' on the 10th August 2007 tells how the Tacon's Eye Brewery site's has given up it's final buried treasure. He mentions the following: Hi there just thought you might be interested. I am currently laying gas to properties built on the old Tacon Brewery in Eye Suffolk and have turned up a few interesting bits'n' bobs. I see through your genealogy that there were brewers in your family. Not much left now though. Just rubble and the odd bottle, gate padlocks etc. Great site, thought it might be of some interest to you. Warm regards Gary. 

Gary also sent some wonderful photographs of some of the remaining 'Tacon' buildings in the main street of Eye. He also found and made a copy of a c 1854 photograph of the same buildings. He informed me that the entrance for the Tacon Brewery can be seen between the large main white house the small building in the middle of the photographs above. In the old photograph the arch can clearly be seen. This lane lead to the Brewery. Locals told Gary how Charles Tacon was a kind and generous man who helped the elderly folk of Eye. Fittingly the Brewery property has been used to build sheltered housing and this can be seen down the laneway where the arch once was.



Newspaper Notice for the death of Robert (1845-1918) and Anna Tacon's son William


FLOWER - TACON  On the 3rd of Nov 1869 at Independant Chapel - Wrentham, by Rev. J Flower, assisted by Rev. F S Basden, William Flower, a chemist, Beccles, to Jane Spelman, second daughter of W H Tacon Esq of White House, Wrentham. (This refers to (e) Jane Tacon (1844-1887) in above tree)

1876 - December 18th- TIMARU HEARLD - Alice Elizabeth Tacon - 18 Dec 1876, infant daughter of Robert Tacon - aged 7 months. (This refers to (f) Alice Elizabeth (1876-1876) in the above tree)

1887- May 17th (East Suffolk Gazette) - Death of Mrs Flower. She went to Cookley, near Halesworth, to make arrangements for the marriage of her sister, but she caught a chill and became seriously ill. Mr Flower spent his time in nursing his wife at night and attending to his business in the day-time, until he too, exhausted by his unwearied attentions and by anxiety, was prostrated, and the sad intelligence of his wife's death of kidney disease reached him as he lay helplessly ill in bed. Mrs Flowers, who was the daughter of William Tacon of Wrentham, leaves seven young children. (This refers to (e)Jane Tacon (1844-1887) on the above tree)




TACON - THW  Thomas Henry Warcup

(f) Thomas Henry Warcup Ellery (1890-1973) brother of Ernest below who also died WW1

RANK: Lieutenant


AWARD: MC Award 1918


TACON Ernest John Ballard

(f) Ernest John Ballard Tacon (1894-1917) brother of THW Tacon above who also died in WW1 

Nationality: United Kingdon

Rank: Second Lieutenant

Regiment/Service: Lancashire Hussars

Age; 21

Date of death: 09/10/1917

Additional Information: Son of the Rev. Richard John Tacon, of Rollesby Rectory, Great Yarmouth

Casualty Type: Commonwealth War dead

Grave/Memorial Reference: Panel 4

Memorial: Tyne Cot Memorial



***** 1881 CENSUS:  West End - White House - Wrentham - Suffolk - England

NAME                             STATIS     AGE    OCCUPATION                           BIRTHPLACE

William H Tacon            head          70         Farmer of 41 Acres                  Hinton - Suffolk - Eng

                                                                           employ 3 men (also Malster)

Sophia Tacon                 wife           65                                                                Walworth - Surrey - Eng

Anna S Tacon                dau            40                                                                 Beccles - Suffolk - Eng

Edith Catchpole            serv          28          Gen Ser - Domestic                   Carlton - Suffolk - Eng

****** 1891 CENSUS:   West End - Wrentham - Suffolk - England

NAME                           STATIS    AGE    OCCUPATION                           BIRTHPLACE

William H Tacon          head          80        Farmer                                         Hinton - Suffolk

Sophia J E Tacon        wife            75                                                               - Middlesex

Annie G Flower           Gr/dau      17                                                               Beccles - Suffolk

Mary J Basden            niece          28                                                               Denton - Suffolk

Edith G Mathews        serv            25       Gen Servant - Domestic           Westhall - Suffolk 


This is an interesting Census as it lists 3 siblings together ...

1851 CENSUS:   Rotten Row- East Tuddenham - Norfolk - England

NAME                         STATIS    AGE         OCCUPATION                         BIRTHPLACE

Thomas Sutton         head          32             Farmer 142 acres                    St John - Suffolk

Emma Sutton            wife           32            Farmers wife                             Hinton - Suffolk

Mary Sutton               dau       

Henry Sutton          wid Father  63            Malster & Farmer                    Ellough - Suffolk

John Tacon              bro inlaw     47            Farmer - Visitor                       Hinton - Suffolk

Eliza Riches             sis inlaw      30            Travellers wife                                     "

Hannah Rackhan     serv            18            House Servant                          Fritton - Suffolk

William Hunt             serv            15            Farmers lad                               -Suffolk

NOTE: It is interesting to note that Emma Sutton (nee Tacon) had two of her siblings visiting her at this time - Eliza Riches (nee Tacon) and their brother John Tacon.



(d) Charles Tacon (1803-1881): ( of the Mansion House - Eye - Suffolk) 1861-1871- 1881

(e) Charles Tacon (1833-1909) : (of the Mansion House - Eye - Suffolk) - 1881

(e) Sir Thomas Henry Tacon: (1838-1922) (of the Mansion House Eye - Suffolk) 1871- 1881 - 1891-1901

(d) Richard Tacon (1800-1886) (Farmer in 'Red House' Wissett- Suffolk) - 1851-1861)

(d) Eliza Anne Tacon (1821-    ) and her husband Gabriel Riches - 1841-1851-1861-1871-1881-1891-1901

For corrections or additions please email jowarby@bigpond.net.au and I will be happy to make any changes.








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