(a) Unknown (    -    ) married  Unkown (    -    ) (6x Gt Grandparents)

       (b) Unknown (    -    ) married  Unknown (    -    ) (5x Gt Grandparents)

             (c) William Page (abt 1770-    ) married 1790  Elizabeth Young (abt 1770-    ) (4x Gt Grandparents)

                   (d) Mary Ann Page (1790-   )

                   (d) Thomas Page (1796-    ) married 1817  Mary Dove (    -    )

                          (e) William Page (1819-    )

                   (d) William Page (1794-1856) married  Sophia Sifton (1786-1863) (3x Gt Grandparents) * see census below

                          (e) James Page (1812-    ) married  Mary Ann Page (1815-    ) * see census below

                                    (f) George Page (1838-    )

                                    (f) Mary Ann Page (1840-    ) married 1856 Robert Stone (1838-    )

                                    (f) Rhoda Page (1841-    )

                                    (f) Lydia Page (1845-    )

                                    (f) Henry W Page (1848-    )

                                    (f) James Page (1851-    )

                          (e) William Page (1815-    )

                          (e) David Page (1817-    )

                          (e) Rhoda Page (1819-    )

                          (e) Lydia Page (1821-    ) married  Edward Johnson (    -    )

                          (e) Rachel Page (1824-1879) married  Joseph Glover (1828-1861)

                          (e) Hannah Page (1828-    ) married 1850  Thomas James Poynter (1828-    )

                                     (f) Hannah and Thomas's children under Combined Poynter Tree

                          (e) Rebecca Page (1831-1908) married  John Thomas Hooper (1824-1904) (2x Gt Grandparents)

                            (f) Rebecca and John's children under Combined Hooper Tree 


(c) William Page (abt1770-    ) married Elizabeth Young on the 2nd September 1790 at St Mary's Church, Barking, Essex.

(e) David Page (1817-    ) son of William Page b.1794 was born on the 5th April 1817 in Shoreditch, London and christened on the 25th May 1817 in St Leonards, Shoreditch, London.

(e) Lydia Page (1821-    ) daughter of William Page b.1794 married Edward Johnson. Edward was the son of John and Ann Johnson. Edward can be found with his mother living in Charles Street, Bethnal Green in the same street that Lydia and her parents were living. Edward was born on the 2nd August 1821 in Bethnal Green and Christened on the 9th September 1821. He had siblings John, Thomas, William and Ann. James & Lydia can be found living next to Lydia's sister in the 1891 Census and continued to live next door to each other for many years. They  are both recorded at the same address at the time of the 1901 census.

(e) Hannah Page (1828-    ) daughter of William Page b.1794 married Thomas James Poynter in 1850. At the time of the 1861 Census, Rachel and her husband are living at 12 Charles Street with Rachel's widowed mother Sophia. This was the home of William and Sophia Page for many years but in 1861 Thomas Poynter is decribes as the head of the house. This indicates that Thomas and Hannah were taking care of the elderly Sophia who was aged 74.

(f) Mary Ann Page (1840-    ) daughter of James Page b.1812 married Robert Stone in 1856. In the 1891 Census Robert & Mary Ann were living next door to Mary's sister Rhoda and her husband James Clarke at No 34 & No 35 Baileys Lane, Hackney. Robert and Mary Stone had children Lydia, Hannah (Anna), Laurence, Alice, Robert, Alfred and Ernest. Mary and her sister Rhoda were both still living at the same adresses when the 1901 Census was taken.


** 1851 CENSUS: 12 Charles Street - St Lukes - Bethnal Green - Tower Hamlet - MDX

NAME                       STATIS       AGE       OCCUPATION           BIRTHPLACE

William Page          head             61                                                   Barking - Essex

Sophia Page           wife               65                                                  St Lukes - MDX

In the 1861 Census, for 12 Charles Street Bethnal Green, Sophia Page aged 74 was described as a widow. The head of the house was her Son In-law Thomas Poynter who had married her daughter Hannah.


**  1851 CENSUS:  20 King Street - Bethnal green - Middlesex - England

NAME                   STATIS        AGE       OCCUPATION             BIRTHPLACE

James Page         head             39            Cordwainer                   Bethnal Green - MDX

Mary A Page        wife              36                                                                  "

George Page       son                13                                                                  "

Mary Ann Page   dau               11                                                                  "

Rhoda Page         dau               10                                                                  "

Lydia Page           dau               6                                                                    "

Henry W Page     son               3                                                                    "

James Page         son               3 weeks                                                       "

Emma Yarwood  serv              24           Domestic serv                           "

Thomas Cox         Appr             19           Apprentice                                 "

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