• HELP... ABBOTT - ROBAND ... Robert John Abbott (1890) married Elsie Beatrice Roband (abt 1894). I would like to know if Elsie might be linked to the Roband Family Tree. I need to know her parents, grandparents or siblings. Even the smallest bit of information might lead to a positive link.  Email:  jowarby@bigpond.net.au
  • HELP ... JAMES HOOPER & JESSIE GRANT HOOPER ... buried in Clareville Cemetery, Carterton, New Zrealnad, James died in 1898 and Jessie died in 1923. Both are buried in the same plot without a headstone .... can anyone place them with any of the Hooper Family Trees on my site?
  • HELP ... MUNRO - DENMAN ... Does anyone know of a link to either of the Munro Trees for Richard Ross Munro who married Charlotte Denman Hockey (daughter of Charlotte Denman and Charles Hockey).  Email:  jo.warby@bigpond.net.au 
  • HELP ... MILLER FAMILIES ... Can anyone tell me if James and Henry Miller (Tree One & Tree Two) are related. I think they may have been brothers but would like to make a positive connection. If anyone can help me with this connection it would be greatly appreciated.  Email: jowarby@bigpond.net.au
  • HELP ...FLAVELL ... Any additional Flavell family information would be welcome as I am trying to build on the Flavell Tree .... jowarby@bigpond.net.au 
  • HELP... RANDS I would like to know more about Thomas Page (e.g) parents, grandparents and birthsdates and marriage date etc) ...He married Hilda Henrietta Rands  (1914-1953)  ... they had two children that I know of  Thomas and Barry ....any help greatly appreciated as I would like to see if this Thomas Page may  in some way link back to Rebecca Page's family. Contact me at  jowarby@bigpond.net.au  
  • HELP ... McKENZIE   Combined McKenzie Tree by telling me who her parents/grandparaents are. Email:  jowarby@bigpond.net.au  
  • NEEDED ... WARBY Does anyone have a photograph of Robert Warby (sibling to Arthur, Kenneth, Margaret and Michael Warby)? Would love to obtain one as he is the only one  I am missing a picture of for this particular generation. I would also love any photographs of ANY Warby's from ANY generations to help put  together the  Warby Album to include picture's of other Warby branches....other than just Arthur's family.     Email:  jowarby@bigpond.net.au
  • HELP ... COMPTON - WILTON - FRY  ... Harry Tyler Compton ... Want to know what became of his father Harry Tyler Compton or who his parents. I believe his father was also a  Harry Compton married to Cordelia Fry but Cordelia cannot be traced. I would like to connect either of the Harry's to my Compton's or at least to another William De Blacquire Compton's (New Zealand) family to solve the mystery. We can not find any of the names on passenger lists either.  Email: jowarby@bigpond.net.au        


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