• MURRAY HOOPER .....  For the Gordon Compton Hooper  Information and photographs and being so forthcoming with 'heaps' of additional information.
  • GAIDA STEVENS ..... Thank you for sharing your research with me and providing a long list additional Australian McDuff, Davis and Harrison family names. Gaida gathered her research information from details submitted on the Internet and received information from Elva Dimsey and Grant Rice. Other resources she used were First Families 2001, RootsWeb.com, Shipping Records (On-line at Victoria Public Records Office Internet site. http://www.prov.vic.gov.au , Tasmanian Family Link http://wwwpioneers.tased.edu.au , National Archives of Australia http://naal12.naaa.gove.au , Family Search -IGI- http:www.familysearch.org/Search/IGI/w , VicGold Database (no longer available) and the Ballarat Library Public Records Office. I have also used some of these resources to gather various research material.
  • JOCK HOOPER .....Thank you for all your time and for sharing your research into the family and times of John Thomas HOOPER and Jessie Marion ALLEN. Your photographs are cherished. (Father Clarence HOOPER)
  • VIOLET McAREE .....Thank you for providing me with the foundation of my knowledge of our Hooper families for me to build on. (Father..Herbert George Hooper)
  • SHARON GILLIS  ..... For the TASKER information and for sharing with me the lovely photographs of the Tasker, Wilton and Oliver families.
  • DOUGLAS ABBOTT  ..... I would like to thank Doug for the information on William Abbot's family history. Doug emailed me with some information and I have managed to find other snippets of information on the net put out there by Doug seeking information on his 'Abbott' family. If anyone could help add names or photographs for this family I would love to be able to pass them on to Doug.  If you have any further information please Email:  jowarby@bigpond.net.au 
  • JOHN McLINDEN .....For sharing his information on his  PAGE-POYNTER-GLOVER Families.
  • WHITE WINGS .....For information on Ships passenger lists, dates and travel experiences
  • ROGER THOMAS .....For LAVENDER and ADAMS Family Tree. (Roger's site can be found on Links and Contacts page.)
  • KAY ALLEN .....For the work that brought about the WINTER Family reunion many years ago. Thank you Kay for finding 'US' your family and bringing about the knowledge of the Winter's. Much of Kay's hard research is what now appears on my Winter Family pages. Kay spent many many hours doing research, meeting and writing to Winters all over the world and then gave me (and so many others) the opportunity to get to know our 'WINTER' family by bringing together so many of us in one place. It was from my Aunt Kay that I caught the 'genealogy bug' from which there appears to be no cure. Hopefully I can pass on this terrible epidemic to others. Thanks Kay.
  • GORDON WILSON ....Gordon has provided me with much of my Australian WINTER  family information and links. Gordon has put together a journal of his Australian 'WINTER's' and 'CAIRD' story and kindly sent me a copy. Gordon also sent me copies of letters sent from England to Australia dating back to 1870's era which has given me an insight into what life was like for our Australian cousins and for the family that remained in England. Gordon has sadly past away but has left us with a legacy of information.
  • LESLEY LOMAS .....I would like to thank Lesley Lomas for her great Web-site and the information available on the Chandler-Hooper-Ranson families. Lesley's Web-site can be found on Links and Contact page.
  • ADELE PENTONY .....Thank you Adele for the Headstone Photographs. Adele is Archiving the burials in the Wairarapa district in New Zealand and has kindly given her time to me and sent me many of my 'headstone' photographs for me for use on my site. Much additional information can be found on headstones and Adele's work is a valuable asset to any genealogist. If anyone can see an opportunity to help Adele link families to the names on headstones or unmarked graves please take the time to do so as Adele has given so much of her time. Her research is a valuable tool for Genealogists around the world who cannot visit their NZ Ancestors burial sites.... Wish there were more people like you Adele. Sincere thanks from me.
  • CHAR-LU DINGER ..... Has provided me with much of my Tacon Family information. Char-Lu is very generous in sharing her information and forthcoming in updating me with any changes of information. Char-Lu's research is showing that the parentage of 'our' Robert Tacon is questionable ..... and I may have to change the Tacon Family Genealogy to include her new information at some point in the future. This is the nature of Genealogy ..... changeable, confusing, unpredictable and sometimes unexplainable. I have relied upon information suppled from various sources, many unconfirmed which naturally means I have to be very flexible with excepting the changes. Thank you Char-Lu for keeping me informed. A link to Char-Lu's web-site can be found at LINKS & CONTACTS.
  •  SHELLY BLACKLEY ... Thank you for providing the additional photograph of Robert Wilton's  son's at the 1902 funeral of Elijah. Thank you also for detailing the names for me. Your help is greatly appreciated. There is also a photograph that has been 'doctored' to include Elijah and Robert.
  • DICTIONARY OF NEW ZEALAND Volume One  (1769-1869), 1990 Crown Copyright 1990-2005. Published by the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, Wellington, New Zealand. All rights reserved & Green, David. 'Zillwood, Joseph 1804?-1854'. Dictionary of New Zealand Biography, updated 16 December 2003. URL;  http//www..dnzb.govt.nz/ ...  (1)  Joseph Zillwood                                                                          
  • SCOTT BENNETT .....  For Information on Passenger Lists, Gooden family and Sage family & Parker Family.
  • ADA RUDD .....  For her information contained in a book called Beyond the Dimm Horizon.  This was published in 1979 and records the family of John & Janet Caird from 1855-1979. Ada has kindly sent me a copy of her book 'Beyond the Dimm Horizon' and hopes it will help me with information on the 'Caird' families. Thank you Ada.
  • DEBBIE & JACK LINDSAY ..... Thank you for sharing your wonderful photograph's of your Lindsay Family. Looking at the photograph of young Harry Lindsay makes you realize the sad lose of young life that 'our' families had to bare during the great wars. To see a photograph of him really hits home that he was not just a name on a family tree but a handsome young man - a son and a brother. I am proud to have his picture grace my pages.
  • HELEN KILGOUR  ..... You have provided me with some great pictures to share and some valuable family information to add to our Australian John Winter Family page.
  • ROBIN WILLIAM ELLERY  ..... Your  information on your Grandfather's, Charles (Ben) Ellery, family and the lovely photograph's of Charles and his wife and your parents.
  • ADDITIONAL THANKS ..... This page is being updated with additional thanks as I owe so many people my gratitude for their help.


Your continued help is greatly appreciated  .....  Joanne

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