Herbert George Hooper was born on 26th March 1899 in Carterton, New Zealand to parents  William and Charlotte Hooper.  Herbert was the youngest surviving son and the second youngest child in William and Charlotte's family. He was raised in Dalefield Road, Carterton in the second of the Hooper homes, as were all of his siblings. The first house burnt down and a second house was built. It is said that many years later a third house was built to replace the second and this is the home that is still standing there today (2005). Herbert was  known to walk along on top of the box hedge that snaked around the garden path at his parents house, much to his mothers dismay. The hedge was said to be so thick it could hold young Herbert's weight but one can only imagine that the hedge needed time to recover in-between such pranks. Herbert was educated at the Dalefield School. Several Hooper families took over the house and remained living in it for a time. As the families moved on and another house was built this old home became derelict and the imposing brick double fireplace was all that remained. Herbert utilized this fireplace as a wall to fix his tent on. He was probably too young to realize that what had become his play yard was once a building that housed and held many a Hooper family and story. Unlike the old house, some stories have survived and have been past down from generation to generation.

          Herbert married Muriel Violet Chandler on 20 th July 1921.  Muriel was the daughter of Samuel George Chandler and Clara Ransom. Herbert's sister, Rose Eveline Hooper married Muriel's Uncle, John James (Jim) Chandler (1877-1956). Rose and Jim meet at Herbert and Muriel's wedding. Herbert's nephew,Leonard Hooper (b.1906), married Muriel's sister, Harriet (May) Chandler. Herbert's sister, Catherine Hooper, married Muriel's brother, Lyall James Chandler.  The Chandler - Hooper families connect many times over.  Herbert and Muriel moved to 48 Liffiton Street, Wanganui.



Kath Chandler (nee Hooper) and Lyall Chandler (son) Lawrence




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