William Bennett Allen (1847-    )           Jessie Marion Allen (1881-1964)


(a) Unknown (    -    ) married  Unknown (    -    )

        (b) Jeremiah Allen (    -1794) married  Margaret Goodburn (1754-    ) (Margaret 2nd marriage Thomas Ladd)

                (c) John Goodburn Allen (abt 1760-1843) married  Elizabeth Gardner (1764-1844)

                         (d) Mary Allen (1788-1853) married William Thomsett (    -    )

                         (d) John Goodburn Allen (1785/91-    )

                         (d) Jane Allen (1793-    ) married  Henry Burt (    -    )

                         (d) Elizabeth Allen (1795-1873) married  William Holliday (    -    )

                         (d) Gardner Allen (1797-1822) married  Mary Terry (    -   )

                         (d) Caroline Allen (1787-    )

                         (d) William Allen (1801-    ) married  Ann Goodchild (    -    )

                                  (e) Sarah Jane Allen (1831-    )

                                  (e) Mary Elizabeth Allen (1832-    )

                                  (e) John Gardner Allen (1834-    )

                                  (e) Eliza Ann Allen (1836-    )

                                  (e) Harriet Ann Allen (1842-    )

                                  (e) James Allen (1843-    )

                                  (e) Ann Allen (1851-    )

                                  (e) William Henry Allen (1838-    ) married  Selina Martha Hemmings (1836-    )

                                           (f) Mary Ann Selina Allen (1857-    )

                                           (f) William James Allen (1859-bef.1871)

                                           (f) Elizabeth Eliza Jane Allen (1860-    )

                                           (f) Harriet Martha Allen (1862-    )

                                           (f) Ida Jane Allen (1864-1914) married  Frederick Thomas Turner (    -    )

                                           (f) George T Allen (1868-    )

                                           (f) Lewis J Allen (1869-    )

                                           (f) William H Allen (1871-    )

                                           (f) Martha Allen (1874-    )

                                           (f) Jane E Allen (1878-    )

                         (d) Susanna Allen (1805-    )

                         (d) Edward Allen (1806-1839) married  Bennet Shelvey (    -    ) 

                         (d) George Baker Allen (1786-1830) married  Mary Snoswell (1790-    )

                                  (e) Mary Larkin Allen (1819-1894) died in UK

                                  (e) Elizabeth Ann Allen (1819-    ) married  George William Munns (    -    )

                                  (e) Ann Snoswell Allen (1821-    ) married Unknown Hudson (    -    )

                                  (e) John Snoswell Allen (1822-1865) died in UK

                                  (e) Jane Watson Allen (1825-    )

                                  (e) Thomas Winston Allen (1827-    ) married  Mary Unknown (    -    ) 

                                  (e) Eliza Ann Allen (1829-    )

                                  (e) (1879 Mayor Wellington)  George Allen (1814-1899) UK-NZ married 1840  Jane Elizabeth Paul (1813-1888)

                                           (f) Mary Anne Allen (1841-1920) married 1860  William Seed (1827-1890) UK-NZ

                                           (f) Jane Elizabeth Allen (1843-1926) married  William Dennis Nicholas (    -    )

                                           (f) Thomas Paul Allen (1845-1934) married 1874  Helen Pringle (1852-1933)

                                                    (g) Mary Elizabeth Allen (1875-    )

                                                    (g) Muriel Alice Allen (1977-    )

                                                    (g) Herbert Edgar Allen (1878-    )

                                                    (g) Mildred Ethel Allen (1881-    )

                                                    (g) Launcelot George Allen (1885-    )

                                                    (g) Nora Kate Allen (1887-    )

                                                    (g) Bertha Agnes Allen (1890-    )

                                           (f) Ann/Eliza Hudson Allen (1849-1929)

                                           (f) Caroline Ann Allen (1852-1951)

                                           (f) Edward John Allen (1853-1931) married  Janet Lusk (    -    )

                                                     (g) Kenneth Hubert Allen (    -    )

                                           (f) Alfred William Allen (1855-1935) twin married 1881  Mary Ann Kempton(1860-1939)

                                                     (g) Lillian Mary Allen (    -    )

                                                     (g) Albert Edward Allen (    -    )

                                                     (g) Walter Thomas Allen (    -    )

                                                     (g) Alfred William Allen (    -    )

                                                     (g) Amy Isobel Allen (    -    )

                                                     (g) Hazel Ruth Allen (    -    )

                                           (f) Emma Allen (1855-1944) twin married Alexander Salmon Chisholm (    -    )  

                                           (f) William Bennett Allen (1847-1947) married  Emma Ticehurst (1849-    )

                                                      (g) Ernest William Allen (abt 1879-1958)

                                                      (g) Gertrude Emma Allen (abt 1879-    ) married  Unknown Scott (    -    )

                                                      (g) George Edward Allen (abt 1880-1947)

                                                      (g) Jessie Marion Allen (1881-1964) married  John Thomas Hooper (1882-1930)

                                                                (h) Jessie and John's children under Combined Hooper Tree



          Catherine Stewart Forbes  (at times spelt Katherine Stewart Forbes or Katherine Stuart Forbes)  was a ship of 457 Tons. Her captain was John Hobbs and the Surgeon Superintendent was Joseph Abbott. The ship sailed from Gravesend, London at 1.30pm on 5th Feb. 1841 and arrived in Port Nicholson (Wellington) on 24th June 1841.

          Listed as Steerage Passengers are two families which married into the Hooper family. Jessie Marion Allen's (Allen Tree above) grandfather George Allen (1814-1899) (Allen Tree above) and his wife Jane Elizabeth Allen (nee Paul) (1813-1888) (Allen Tree above) and an unnamed Uncle were aboard the Catherine Stewart ForbesGeorge Allen's brothers age was given as being 12 so it is probable that the brother was John Snoswell Allen (1822-    ) (Allen Tree above) who was christened on 8th November 1822 at St. Leonards in Deal, Kent, England. George's occupation was given as 'Boat Builder & Ships Carpenter'. George continued his boatbuilding trade upon arrival in Wellington. He worked mainly in the Whaling business and at this time there was a huge demand for Whaling vessels. George learnt his trade from his father, George Baker Allen (Allen Tree above), who was a well know boat builder in England. Once settled in New Zealand George became involved in local and regional politics and in 1879 he became Mayor of Wellington.

         Also listed on the Catherine Stewart Forbes passenger list are brothers Matthew and Samuel Gaskin. Samuel traveled with his wife, Ann and four children. George's granddaughter, Jessie Marion Allen married John Thomas Hooper. John's  sister, Alice May Hooper married Leonard Gaskin. Leonard was the grandson of Matthew Gaskin who, along with his brother Samuel, was a passenger on the Catherine Stewart Forbes. Matthew and Samuel's sister Elizabeth Gaskin (1813-1877) was travelling on the Catherine Stewart Forbes and is listed as the wife of Daniel Peck. Daniels brother's Henry Peck and Charles Peck were also passengers. Charles and his wife, Harriet, had two children travelling with them and Henry was single. Elizabeth and Daniel had four children travelling with them.

          There are other families that link to the early settlement of the Wairarapa district of New Zealand that are listed as passengers on the Catherine Stewart Forbes. One family, that connects to, a so far unconnected, Hooper family, are decendants of David Benge. He arrived in New Zealand with his wife Sarah Matilda Philadelphia Sarah nee Roberts) and three daughters. A brother Nicholas Benge and his wife Jane and an eleven year old son were also passengers on the Catherine Stewart Forbes. There was also a Rebecca and Willian Benge who are possibly children of Nicholas and Jane. William died at sea. A child, Samuel William Benge, born in New Zealand to David and Sarah Benge (passengers) married three times. He married Matilda May Stoodley who was the daughter of James Stoodley. James Stoodley's brother, John Stoodley married Selina Oliver. This was Selina's second marriage and her maiden name was Hooper. Selina Oliver nee Hooper arrived in New Zealand with some of her children,with the remaining children following at a later date. Selina meet and married the widower, John Stoodley, in Carterton. Jessie Marion Allen,granddaughter of passenger George Allen (1814-1899), married into one of the Hooper families from Carterton but there has been no positive connection made that suggest Selina Hooper and Jessie's husband's Hooper family are related. Samuel William Benge also married Matilda Jane Hooper daughter of Robert and Emily Hooper. Once again there has been no positive connection made between these three Hooper families (Selina - John - Robert  Hooper) even though they all resided in or near Carterton at one time or another. Another small twist to the unsolved mystery is that parents of James and John Stoodley were William Stoodley and Jane Stoodley nee Paul. One can only wonder if the two Jane Paul's  who married to William Stoodley and George Allen (1814-1899) (Allen Tree above) were in any way related.

          Many years later decendants of Selina Oliver nee Hooper married into the Winter Family. The Winter family also married into my Carterton Hooper Family via my parents  Clara Evelyn Winter who married Norman George Hooper.   


        (d) George Allen (1786-1830) was said to be from Walmer in Kent, England. His son (e) George Allen was born 1 November 1814 in Deal kent as were his siblings. George became the Mayor of Wellington, NZ for a short spell in 1879 between Joesph Dransfield and William Hutchinsons.  George's siter Elizabeth Ann Allen married George William Munns on 28th July 1842 in StPeters& St Pauls, Milton by Gravesend, England. On the 24th July 1876 in the Provincial Hall a meeting was held to arrange a suitable memorial for the momory of Dr. Featherston. The then Mayor William Hutchinson presided  over the meeting and a committee was formed. This included Messrs Dransfield, G. Hunter, G. Allen, Woodward, Duncan, De Bathe Brandon, Buckley, Dr Grace, Buller, Levy and the Mayor.

        (f) Thomas Paul Allen (1845-1934) married Helen Pringle on the 13th May 1851 in Wellington, New Zealand. Helen was born in 1852 to parents Alexander Pringle (1822-1900) and Mary Speedy (    -1912). Helen's brother, Walter Peter Pringle (1869-    ) was a life member of the Petone Rugby Club. Walter played for New Zealand during the 1893 Australian Tour. A plaque can be found in the Petone footpath honouring Walter's achievements in the sport.


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