Job and Helen Vile's House at Pahiatua

Job Vile and (wife) Helen (nee Bland) and Family


(a) Unknown Vile (    -    ) married  Unknown (    -    ) 

       (b) Unknown Vile (    -    ) married  Unknown (    -    )

               (c) Joseph Vile (abt.1800-    ) married   Harriet Unknown (abt.1800-    )

                        (d) Joseph Vile (1824-    )

                        (d) James Vile (1828-    )

                         Above not confirmed

                        (d) John Vile (1817-1902) UK-NZ married 1844  Ann Foster (1817-1917) UK-NZ

                                (e) Job Vile (1845-1905) UK-NZ married 1866  Helen Bland Rayner (1846-1911)

                                         (f) Herbert Vile (1873-1948) married 1903  Winnifred Mary Quirke (1882-1946)

                                                   (g) Five Unknown Vile (    -    )

                                         (f) John Vile (1867-1924) married 1898  Louisa Finch (1875-1958)

                                                  (g) John Vile (1902-    )

                                         (f) Arthur Henry Vile (1868-1946) married 1893  Margaret Mouat (1873-1959)

                                                  (g) Gladys llma Vile (1895-    )

                                                  (g) Arthur Mervin Vile (1896-    )

                                                  (g) Dorothy Lillian Vile (1898-    )

                                                  (g) Unknown Vile (    -    )

                                                  (g) Unknown Vile (    -    )

                                                  (g) Gwendoline Irene Vile (1893-    )

                                         (f) Frederick Hugh Vile (1870-    ) married 1892  Caroline Champion (abt.1871-    )

                                                 (g) Elsie Caroline Vile (1893-    )

                                                 (g) Frederick Clarenece Rayner Vile (1896-1916) Died WW1

                                                 (g) Dorothy May Vile (1899-    ) 

                                         (f) George Aldred Vile (1872-    ) married 1902  Rose Ferdinand (1875-    )

                                                  (g) Unknown Vile (    -    )

                                         (f) Lewis Foster Vile (1880-1881)

                                         (f) Thomas Rayner Vile (1880-    )

                                         (f) Robert George Vile (1875-    )

                                         (f) Harry Raynor Vile (1879-    )

                                         (f) Frank Foster Vile (1882-    ) married 1908  Clara Laura Guscott (1889-    )

                                                  (g) Claude Vile (1914-    )

                                         (f) Charles Egbert Vile (1877-    ) married 1899  Sarah Finch (abt.1878-    )

                                                  (g) Ernest Egbert Vile (1901-    ) married abt.1924  Annie Maud Rowse (1897-1965)

                                                  (g) Albert Charles Vile (1900-    )

                                                  (g) Four Unknown Vile (    -    )

                                         (f) Unknown Vile (1882-1882)

                                         (f) Ada Ruth Vile (1884-1884)

                                         (f) Leonard James Vile (1885-    ) married  Fanny Clara Davey (1886-    )

                                         (f) Helen May Vile (1887-    )

                                (e) Ruth Vile (1848-    ) UK-NZ married 1863  Henry Preston (1834-1874)

                                (e) Catherine Vile (1846-1885) UK-NZ married 1866  Henry Eagle (1842-1921)

                                         (f) Catherine and Henry's children under Combined Eagle Tree

                                (e) William Vile (1853-    ) UK-NZ married 1879  Clara (Cora) Elizabeth Baigent (1858-    )

                                         (f) Olive Eva Vile (1885-aft.1919) married  George William Guest (1879-    )

                                         (f) Bertram Alfred Vile (1883-    ) married  Cecilia Dorothy Dent (    -    )

                                         (f) Sarah Anne Vile (1880-    ) married  James Watt (1886-    )

                                (e) Emma Vile (1855-1857) UK-NZ died at sea

                                (e) John Vile (1858-1924)

                                (e) Ann Vile (1861-    )

                                (e) Alfred Vile (1860-    )

                                (e) Henry Vile (1862-    ) married Jane Dalton (abt 1877-    ) guess work only




(d) John Vile (1817-1901) was born in 1817 at  Currey Mallett, Somerset, England. In 1844 John married Ann Foster at Taunton. Ann was born 1817 in North Curry, Somerset, England.  John and Ann arrived in New Zealand  on the 'Ann Wilson' which is recorded as having had an ill fated journey to New Zealand. It departed from Liverpool on 30th November 1856 and arrived in Wellington on 29th March 1857. Listed as passengers were John and Rebecca Hooper and John and Ann Vile. The 'Ann Wilson' Passenger List can be viewed by clicking onto this link. John and Ann Vile were travelling with their children Job, Catherine, William, Emma and Ruth.


** 1851 CENSUS:  Trintiy - Newington - Surrey - England

NAME                       STATIS     AGE     OCCUPATION              BIRTHPLACE

John Vile                   head          29          Police Constable           Curry Millet - Somerset

Ann Vile                    wife            29                                                    North Curry - Somerset

Job Vile                     son              5            Scholar                                               "

Ruth Vile                   dau              3                                                     Yeovil - Somerset

William Vile              son              2 months                                      North Curry - Somerset

Caroline Vile             neice          4                                                                           "

NOTE: John is said to have been born in Curry Mallet. Can anyone place Caroline Vile aged 4 to parents?

* A Paragraph from Cobb & Co Stagecoach by Anthony G Flude : A Cobb & Co Royal Mail service ran from Masterton to Woodville stopping at Hastwell's stables along the way in the 1880's passing throught the samll township of Eketahuna. Hastwell & Macara later ran the coach service run at one pound each way but later encountered competition with a Job Vile who offered a similar service for fifteen shillings.

* 26th December 1905 Manawatu Elections - Incumbent = Job Vile       Winner = John Stevens      Second place = Job Vile

* Listed in Papers Past:     John Vile, died on 2 January 1902, father of Job, of Bulls. No other details.

                                                 Job Vile, died 6th December 1905. No other details

                                                 Vile Mrs John, Pahiatua 1917 Obituary


Auckland Weekly Times - Soldiers Wounded or Killed - 1916: VILE, Private F C, killed in action on 27th July (1916), was the only son of Mr & Mrs F. Vile of Te Awamutu, and a grandson of the late Mr J. Vile, ex MP for Manawaru. He was born in Pahiatua in 1896 and educated at the Pahiatua Scholl and the Wanganui High School. Entering the railway service in 1913 he qualified for an engine-driver's certificate at Auckland prior to leaving for Trentham [AWN 17-08-1916]

VILE  T, Ninth New Zealand Contingent, Number Four Squadron. Boer War 20th February 1902 - HELP Was this Thomas Rayner Vile (1879-    )






(a) Thomas Vile (    -    ) married  Mary Unknown (    -    )

         (b) Mary Vile (1706-    )

         (b) John Vile (1709-    )

         (b) Margaret Vile (1714-    ) twin

         (b) William Vile (1714-1793) twin married 1738  Elizabeth (Betty) Osbourne (    -1780)

                 (c) Mary Vile (1740-    )

                 (c) Margaret Vile (1750-    ) married 1775  Aron Ford (    -    )

                 (c) John Vile (1743-1797) married 1771  Elizabeth (Betty) Cox (    -1820) ***see headstone below

                          (d) John Robert Vile (1780-1815) married 1802  Jane Ann Young (1782-1853)

                                                                                  Jane Vile (nee Young) also married John Bartlett in 1831

                                   (e) Ann Vile (1811-1884) married 1832  Solomon Trask (abt 1809-    )

                                   (e) John Vile (1803-     )

                                   (e) Mary Vile (1805-    )

                                   (e) Robert Vile (1809-    )

                                   (e) William Vile (1807-1841) UK-NZ died & buried at sea  married 1830  Sophia Follet (1811-    ) UK-NZ

                                            Sophia Vile (nee Follet) married (2) Anthona Murray & married (3) William Abbott

                                              (f) Joseph Vile (1837-1838)

                                              (f) Josiah (Joseph) Vile (1840-1931) UK-NZ married 1867  Jane Bright (1850-1943) UK-NZ (aka Abbott)

                                          (g) William John Vile (1867-1960)

                                                       (g) Edith Ellen Vile (1869-1891)

                                                       (g) Walter Franklyn Vile (1870-1963) married 1896  Jessie Christine Waters (1871-1946)

                                                               (h) Eleanor Veronica Vile (    -    )

                                                               (h) Jessie Franklyn Vile (    -    )

                                                               (h) Walter Frederick Vile (    -    )

                                                               (h) John Keith Vile (    -    )

                                                               (h) Reta Evelyn Vile (    -    )

                                                       (g) Isabella Maud Vile (1872-1947)

                                                       (g) Albert Victor Vile (1874-1952) married 1916  Jane Isobel Greathead (1887-1967)

                                                                (h) Roy Beat Vile (1917-1970)

                                                                (h) Leo Richard Vile (    -    )

                                                                (h) Edith Mary Vile (    -    )

                                                        (g) Arthur Edward Vile (1877-1942)

                                                        (g) Ethelwyn May Vile (1880-1956)

                                                                 (h) Little Jack Jackson aka Robert Arnold (1901-    ) married 1942  Ruby Bone (1901-1986) SCOT-NZ

                                                                     Jack was adopted out hence the different surnames

                                                        (g) Evelyn Blanche Vile (1882-1962)

                                                        (g) Clara franklyn Vile (1884-1891)

                                                        (g) Steadman Stanley Vile (1886-1927)

                                                        (g) Leslie John Vile (1888-1891)

                                                        (g) James Wilfred Vile (1891-1924)

                                              (f) James Vile (1831-1909) UK-NZ

                                              (f) Charles Vile (1832-1896) UK-NZ-AUST married 1856  (1) Elizabeth Dalgleish (abt 1831-1893) SCOT-AUST

                                                                                                                            married 1893  (2) Margaret Ann Ransom (1862-1927)

                                                        (Children from Charles and Elizabeth's marriage)

                                                        (g) William James Vile (1857-1936) married 1893  Gertrude Winifred Carter (1875-    )

                                                                  (h) William James Vile (1894-1915)

                                                                  (h) James Josiah Vile (1896-1919)

                                                                  (h) Emily Edith Vile (1898-1919) married 1919  Arthur Williams (abt 1894-    )

                                                                  (h) John Charles Vile (1900-1902)

                                                                  (h) Elizabeth Mary Vile (1902-    ) married 1926  John William Martin (1887-    )

                                                                  (h) Alan Carter Viles (1905-1981)

                                                                  (h) James Dalgleish Vile (1907-1964)

                                                                  (h) Margaret Follett Vile (1909-1987)

                                                                  (h) Ethel May Vile (1911-1913)

                                                                  (h) Gertrude Winifred Vile (    -    ) married James Hurst (    -    )

                                                                  (h) Wylva Jean Vile (1916-1951) married  Stanley Smith (    -    )

                                                                  (h) John William Vile (1917-1983)

                                                         (g) Josiah Vile (1859-1860)

                                                         (g) Charles Peter Vile (1860-1893)

                                                         (g) Josiah Vile (1864-    )

                                                         (Children from Charles and Margaret's marriage)

                                                         (g) James Charles Vile (1894-1958) married  Whilimena Victoria Lacy (1897-    )

                                                                   (h) C  N  Vile (    -    ) married   E  M  Holland (    -    )

                                                                   (h) R  N  Vile (    -    ) married   L  Turner (    -    )

                                                                   (h) J  G  Vile (    -    ) married   R  Seil (    -    )

                                                                   (h) D  R  Vile (    -    ) married (1) Irene May Bird (1924-1986) UK-AUST

                                                                                                         married (2) G   Van Der Meer (     -    )

                                              (f) Ann Vile (1834-1894) UK-NZ-AUST married 1854 Abram Henry Stine (1823-1867) USA-NZ

                                              (f) Jane Vile (1838-1841) UK-NZ died & buried at sea

                   (d) Mary Vile (1769-1790) born out of Wedlock and recorded as bastard child of Elizabeth Cox

                         (d) Ann Vile (1771-1817)

                         (d) Margaret Vile (1774-    )

                         (d) Phyleis Vile (1776-    ) married  William Cooper (    -    )

                         (d) Thomas Vile (1778-1811)

                         (d) Robert Vile (1782-1783)

                         (d) William Vile (1783-1786)

                         (d) Joseph Vile (1785-1785)

                         (d) William Vile (1788-1809)                                                                            

       (b) Robert Vile (1717-1762) married Mary Hallet (1717-1776)

              (c) Molly Vile (1752-1753)




(b) William Vile (1714-1793) was baptised with his twin sister (Margaret) in the Conformist faith at their house in Norton Sub Hamden on the 13th April 1714. On the 1st March 1738 William married Elizabeth (Betty) Osborne. William was a well to do man paying land tax in 1766 for property in Norton of the sum of eleven shillings & eight pence. A Ben Chaffey occupies one of William's properties in 1784. William was also the overseer of the poor at the time his son, John, had applied for relief in 1786. Elizabeth died  in 1780 and was buried on the 7th October 1780. William died in 1793 and was buried on the 26th April 1793.

(b) Robert Vile (1717-1762) was also a well to do landowner. Robert married Mary Hallet. They appear to only have had one child, Molly who was born in April 1752 and sadly died in 1753. She was buried on the 30th April 1753. Robert died in 1762 and was buried on 4th October 1762 and his wife, Mary, died 22nd September 1776 aged 65. 

(c) John Vile (1743-1797) endured a life of hardship as did his son as various recods of hardship are found in the Poor Law Records for East Chinnock. When John died in 1797, at the age of 54, the family was somehow able to obtain a  lovely headstone.

(d) John Vile (1780-1815) was born in Norton Sub Hamden, Somerset, England. He was baptised on the 24th Setember 1780. John eventually moved to East Chiinock where he married Jane Young on the 6th October 1802. Jane was baptised on the 1st septmeber 1782 in East Chinnock by parents Samuel Young and Joan Pike. Jane remarried after the death of John to John Bartlett. John was a farmer who's wife, Rhoda, had died in 1830 leaving John with two children to care for. Jane and John Barlett lived in East Lane unitl John died and then moved in with her daughter Ann and son In-law, Solomon Trask at College Street. This house was apparently left to Jane by her father Samuel Young and was, in turn, inherited by Jane's eldest son, John Vile. John's (1780-1815) short life appears to have been a difficult one full of struggles to make ends meet. The Poor Law Records for East Chinnock records various entries for John and for his father before him. Jane Vile (nee Young) died on the 1st september 1853 of natural decay at the age of 73. Her son inlaw, Solomon Trask, made his mark on her death certificate. Jane Young's family were also weel to do. They were from Hardington Mandeville and farmed Manor Fram. The family acquired Barrows Farm, Barrows Dairy Farm and Court Farm in East Chinnock. Jane's nephew, Albert Young employed young George Trask on Manor Farm and whilst in Hardington Mandeville he meet and married Harriet Chester Purchase. John died at the age of 33 and his body was brought to Norton Sub Hamden for burial on the 8th January 1815. The Vicar recorded the name 'Chinnock' after his name.


John Vile (1743-1797)

John Vile ... Feb 1776 = one shilling & Sixpence

John Vile ... Feb 1785 in distress two weeks = five shillings

John Vile  ... March 1785 four weeks = eighteen shillings

John Vile ... April 1785 three weeks + two shillings

John Vile ... April 1786 in need one week = two shillings

John Vile ... May 1786 wife in sickness two weeks = two shillings (Likely Mary Osborne was paid to care for his wife)

John Vile ... June 1786 wife four weeks = two shillings

John Vile ... July 1786 5 weeks = two shillings (cont Aug-Sep-Oct-Nov then stops)

John Vile ... 1789 in distress = one shilling


John Vile (1780-1815)

John Vile ... 5th May -2nd June 1811 being given a payment = One Pound/eight shillings & Sixpence. 

John Vile ...Nov-Dec 1812 payment = One Pond.

John Vile ... to end Feb 1813 this last amount was reduce to = one pound/eleven shillings.

John Vile ...Goes up in Spring and remains steady  rest of year payment = One pound/eight shillings

John Vile ... Dec 1814 gets payment = thirteen shillings.

Entry = Coffin - eighteen shillings, Shroud - eight shillings (no mention of a grave as his body is buried in Norton)

Jane Vile (recorded as Jean Vial & Vill) ... Jan 1815

Jane Vile ...  1819 listed as having five children to support - Jane remains on the list until 1827 but goes down to = One shilling.


         (e) William Vile (1807-1841) married Sophia Follet (1811-    ). Sophia was the daughter of James Follet (1786-1851) and Ann Marks (1781-1865). William and Sophia Vile emigrated to New Zealand in 1841  on the 'Arab'. William and Sophia's daughter, Jane became ill with 'the fever' and died quickly on 3rd August 1841. On the 15th August 1841 William Vile and died on the 23rd August 1841. Sophia lost her daughter and her husband within weeks of each other. It is not known how Sophia survived her first 10 months in NZ alone with small children to care. Sophia  remarried  to Anthona Murray on 27th August 1842. He was described as  'formerly of Kingston, Jamaica'. Nothing else is  known of Anthona nor what happened to him after the marriage. Sophia then remarried to William Abbott  in 1845. No offical  record has yet been found for Sophia and William's marriage.


JOHN VILE (1743-1797)  ***

Buried May 14th 1797


Inscription reads: In memory of John Vile who died May 9 1797 aged 54

Also Mary daughter of John & Betty Vile who died May 9 aged 22 years

Here also Robert son of John & Betty Vile who died March 22 1797 aged 15 years

Also William son of John & Betty who died March 28 1809 aged 20 years

Also Thomas son of John & Betty Vile who died Dec 7 1811 aged 33




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