(f) Edward John Matson (1870 -1947) married 1883  Selina Oliver  (1863-1957) (OLIVER TREE ONE

                                             (g) Eunice Isabel Matson (1897-1998) married Paul Francis Downes (1900-1993)

                                             (g) Edward Matson (    -    )

                                             (g) Harry Matson (    -    )

                                             (g) John Clarence Matson (1893-1987)

                                             (g) Abraham Matson (    -    )





The online Clareville Cemetery (Carterton-New Zealand) records Selina Matson nee Oliver as being Sabrina Matson. She is recorded as having died/intered on the 9th March 1957 aged 93 years old. Selina's husband Edward John Matson is recorded as having died/intered on the 16th January 1947 aged 77. Edward & Selina's son John Clarence Matson died/intered on the 9th June 1987 aged 94 years old. Edward & Selina's daughter Eunice died aged 101 years old on the 28th Febuary 1998 and is buried in the Clarville Cemetery along with husband Paul Francis Matson who died aged 93 on the 3rd May 1993.

HELP: Can anyone tell me who Beryl Moner Matson was? She is also buried in the Clareville Cemetery - died 1st Feb 1944 aged 18. Leonard S Downes died/intered at Clareville Cemetery on the 18 August 1954 (aged 81) & William Alfred Downes died/intered 7th July 1951 (aged 75)- are they Paul Francis Downes's  brothers? Who were their wives? Who were: Claude Victor Downes died 1 May 1963 (aged 69), Dulcie Jane Downes died 28th April 1983 (aged 82), Edmund Oakley Downes died 11 May 1920 (aged 18), Grace Ellen Downes died 30 June 1959 (aged 91), Sarah Mabel Downes died 24th Jan 1958 (aged 81), Who was Vera Downes - she married Frank Robert Henderson who was born in Carterton - can anyone help me related them to Paul Francis Downes & his family.



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